Often we realise after an argument, was that argument worth it. With whom you had disagreements was he even mature enough to understand the different perspectives, if not then what was the point of that argument. But then I think, if each time we hold back our opinions, thinking it’s not worth discussing with concerned… Continue reading Opinion


Looking at incompetence

How good one may be in his skills and accomplishments but often it take seconds to lower the self moral when someone makes you feel incompetent and raise a question on your capabilities. You are good in your profession but they are many who have achieved success in your field at young age. With time… Continue reading Looking at incompetence

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What does women want?

What women wants from men? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Lets think.. A beautiful hot colour dress that would look marvellous on her. Someone to talk to her all day. Many would say she would love to have beautiful jewellery, house and a comfort life. Or she wants appreciation and consideration for every relationship she fits in. Does these… Continue reading What does women want?