Saying an Apology!!!

We often feel bad when we hurt someone intentionally or unintentionally. While hurting someone we may not realise it’s consequences but later giving a thought what we have done makes us feel guilty. Although saying sorry is a matter of seconds but many find it difficult to apologise. It can be a matter of pride… Continue reading Saying an Apology!!!


Rumor or Gossip!!!

Gossip and Rumors are often interchanged with same meaning but there’s a little difference in the meaning of both. Rumour  is a piece of information or a story spread about a person or a thing without confirming about it's validity or truthness. Whereas Gossip involves a juicy information about someone or something in detail. The information… Continue reading Rumor or Gossip!!!


Think before you say that you are Unhappy!!

Remember the key of happiness that you yourself is responsible for you own happiness. If you expect others to make you happy, you will always be disappointed!! Our happiness depends on the decisions we take along with comparing the life's with others. When changes comes in life we all have to take few tough decisions… Continue reading Think before you say that you are Unhappy!!

Beliefs and perception · Motivation

Every cloud has a sliver lining 

Beautiful proverb: Every Cloud has a silver lining, which means one has to stay clam and positive at all times and never lose hope at any times. A huge black cloud generally blocks the sun fight and makes the atmosphere dull and dark. But if you see closely you would find that the sun rays… Continue reading Every cloud has a sliver lining