Time not a healer

Often in difficult times we comfort ourselves with a thought that things are going to be fine with TIME. Same advice is given to us by our family and friends. With time we have learned to believe that:

“Time is the best healer.”

giving us a little satisfaction and sense of hope that things will improve as time moves on. With this thought and advice, we just stand and wait for the time to heal and in between we forget to move on.

Well to overlook the situation it’s important to understand and face the fact that:

“Time is not a healer.”

It’s the thought process and action that makes a difference. So it’s important to ask from self : “How much time you need to heal?” 

It’s important to find “How deep is your problem”? 

You also need to talk with the appropriate person who can help you to find solution. In this process one is not sure how much time one will take to heal but with appropriate path it will change.

If one is going through emotions than face it and look for solutions. Talk to yourself or with the people you have comfort level with right advice.

What not to do is to run away from your problems. Better to live in the pity situation and face it. Understand the issue and work on it but don’t let yourself live with a myth that

“Time is going to heal it.”

There are different tools for different people. Understand the tool needed for yourself and work for the change.  But don’t run away from it. As running away from problems will only complicate your problems and will deepen the roots of your pain.

Most important thing that we need to understand – Is to check your desires, things and achievements.  When the desire in mind is not turned into reality it will make you feel distress as you had high hopes and expectations rather than accepting things.

Often emotional problem comes when we tend to ignore the difference between: Expectation and Acceptation.

Problem increases even more when you know the end result and you still wish for the desire in your mind to be turned into reality. Hence, the grief of bad ”fate” creates a negative feeling around you. These negative thoughts overpower you to such extent that you get yourself trapped into the circle of unpleasant feelings. And you move on with these feelings for days, months and may be for years and except time to heal.

Hence you need to ask yourself, ”How long are you willing to wait for a ‘miracle’ from the outside?”

The truth is different. When you start believing the following, you will than find a big change in yourself:

  • The healer of everything is you and not time.
  • Your thoughts (change thought process from negative to positive, rather than expecting- accept things).
  • Your inner will. (create a desire to work for change).
  • You at the present moment.

Remember there is no time, no past and there are no worries for future. What we have is now. Decide now that you don’t have to feel miserable. Accept that there are problems, emotional breakdown feelings.No matter what happens, you will work for the solution, as this is the part of life and don’t let it haunt you. As you are the ultimate person who is responsible for your acts and not Time.


Ps: Readers do share your experiences or thoughts within your comfort level..

32 thoughts on “Time not a healer

  1. Profound words of Truth and Time is Not a Healer is true and not true also because when you have to get healed no matter what then there is no time but right NOW or there can be many crisis in your life. So many people today are taking such drastic steps that there is no time for them but take help of counselors. Time is a great healer when we have our close family passing away and at this time becomes a great healer. Thank you for this lovely share, Tanvir.

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  2. An excellent observation Tanvir – Time heals squat diddly this is very true. All time does is fill the void with an excuse until we decide to forgive ourselves or move on with life or allow ourselves to heal. But then, l never bought into the whole time heals anyway …. mentally and emotionally time heals nothing – physically however, things take time [to heal].

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