A chapter from the story of a woman.

She fights for her survival from the day she’s born.

Considered delicate and dependent in the male dominating world.

She survived all the complains, negative remarks from the people,

Travelled all the barriers, but never did she let her determination die.

As the fire within her to survive that kept her going.

She alone learns the harsh lessons of life,

She grows and struggles in the ruthless world,

Where no one nourishes and cares for her.

Yet she moves ahead high headed and makes her way.

As the fire within her to survive keeps her going.

She has worked hard enough to show the world that she can survive.

Now when she is exposed with her capabilities,

She has no fear, as she is free from within.

The respect gained in the male dominating society, makes her feel proud in her own eyes.

Knowing the fact that the fight for her survival is never ending.


P.S : Dedicated to those who feel being women is to feel helpess. Look into yourself and find yourself. You will find how strong you are from within. You just need to know your own worth.

34 thoughts on “Survival

  1. Women always influencer of Male, woman respect is necessary to every one in society.
    नारी शक्ति सब पर भारी, नारी दुर्गा, नारी चंडी , नारी है जगतरिनी ।


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