A picture said everything 

Many times a person with little have a lot to share and give to the society. Maximum time a person who is self contend have something missing in life and little to give...


First thought in the morning!!

Have anyone of us ever realised how important are those early minutes of morning after we get up. First thought what we think and how we spend our first 10-15 minutes in the morning play a vital role and a deciding factor of how our day is going to be. Remember when we change the… Continue reading First thought in the morning!!

Beliefs and perception

Forgotten Lessons of Life

Life is unpredictable. In the journey of life never be stagnant in your thoughts. Be enough  flexible to make changes in life as per the requirements but to be charged up all time we need to remember and apply the teachings that life, experiences and elders have taught  but many of them we have already… Continue reading Forgotten Lessons of Life


All that Glitters is not Gold!!

A beautiful quote by Shakespeare in his play Merchant of Venice: ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD How beautifully William Shakespeare expressed in his play that  nothing should be valued by it’s outer beauty but it should be valued by it’s inner nature. As what is shown outside often deceives us. Though, a lot changes… Continue reading All that Glitters is not Gold!!

Love,relationships · Respect

Self Care 🤗🤗

Does self care means selfish!!!  'Selfish' is when you consistently think about your requirements whereas 'Self care' is to honour your inner wants which requires to fulfill your potential wants with some purpose and gives the experience of joy!!! With the changing time I suppose one thought that equally needs to be changed is about… Continue reading Self Care 🤗🤗