Sky is never complete without the sun and the moon. They both are the two ends of the day, totally living a different life, yet they don’t forget to complement each other. Each adding a different meaning to life.

When the moon returns home, whispers into the ears of sun, it’s time to rise. Rise of new horizon. The world is waiting for you, with hope to start a new day with fresh feelings and confidence. Leaving behind all the troubles.

While the sun stirs, hiding into the blanket of clouds, night falls and sun yawns. Sliver light giving sense of peace and time to relax and think, where have I gone wrong. Giving time to think to fix things when sun comes up again.

Sky welcomes both with wide arms. Making all believe, each day is a new day. Don’t let it go waste. Life is definitely a roller coaster, testing your limits at every step. All that matters is to change the thought process where needed.


33 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. I completely agree with your profound post, Tanvir. Life is surely a roller coaster and we cannot stay without the other. Where there is light the sun shines to a new day and where there is night the moon comes out giving its beacon of light. Lovely.

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  2. Tanvir, Absolutely beautifully written. And so true. It is a dance between the moon and sun. They cross over for bit, whisper in each one’s ears time for you to rise, and the sky is welcoming to both. So beautifully written. Loved this.

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