About The Author

Hi Friends,

My name is Tanvir Kaur. I love reading, traveling, listening music. Have done B.com(h) and post graduation in Company Secretary. I am a proud member of ICSI. Though, currently I am not working as CS. My best job experience was in teaching, where I learnt a lot and miss to live that life again. I believe in living  life in my own terms but making sure I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. My motto of life is: Live your life fully by adding a pinch of excitement and happiness. Obstacles will come in life but take them as challenge and move ahead by facing them with smile. This will positively give you a strength.

I am not a professional writer. You will find my articles simple but surely it would be meaningful and would touch the heart of readers. Hopefully the readings will leave a smile on your face and a positive message.

The best place for the readers to enjoy the readings and those who read less or not at all, hope it creates an interest. 😊😊

78 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. ” Hopefully the readings will leave a smile on your face and a positive message.” – These words is all what a writer need to have within himself…i need to inspire others through words is a beautiful talent !!

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  2. Hello. I’ve just followed your blog and I’m really looking forward to reading more posts from you! Keep up the good work

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      1. You’re welcome. I’m new to blogging. Started writing one this year and I’ve made a lot. Love blogging about what’s been going on in life!

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  3. Beautiful blog. I will take time later on to look at your posts in detail. Yes, teaching is a great job. I have only worked as a teacher all my life and, even though it is often stressful depending on what kind of students you have, whether they behave or not (especially teenagers), I still enjoy it. As a teacher you can display creativity as with writing or doing any kind of artistic creation. Thank you so much for following my blog. This is a great honor for me.

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  4. Hi Tanvir – I’m happy to meet you and learn more about you. Your blog posts sound interesting and I look forward to exploring more of your thoughtful expressions. Thank you for stumbling across my blog and taking the time to comment and give me a chance to know you. Best of luck in the new year on teaching, blogging and all your heart’s desires.

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  5. Hi Tanvir

    Hope you’re keeping well. I’m not sure whether you remember me, I used to blog at WaywardScribbles. But recently I’ve launched my new website. It’ll mean a lot to me, if you could pay a visit and share your thoughts on it.


    Hoping to see you around. Thank you!

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      1. I’m good. It’s been a long time now. I’ve been blogging but was not regular with my interaction with other bloggers. But it feels great to be back!

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