Regret is stronger than gratitude

Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude. -ANNE FRANK

A beautiful quote by Anne Frank which says a lot for those who wish to understand.

A token of appreciation and thank you note requires only a small portion of your time, while regret consumes a person from deep within, leaving him incapable of rectifying the fault.

Very sad to see people often hurt someone and disappear without saying sorry, thinking it might get unnoticed. But you forget that nothing remains unnoticed in this world. Don’t forget the basic rule of karma,” What goes around. come around.”

What’s the point of appreciating and showing gratitude to someone who is no more in this world? When the person was alive you only criticized him and ignored his goodness.

We all need love and appreciation for what we do but forget to give it in return. Ears want to hear something more than just hurtful words. I fail to understand that why we humans tend to complicate our lives by living in guilt rather than living in the state of happiness and peace.

Most of the time we spend in mourning with things we have done and what we want. Is life giving you a guarantee of something more than just a day you are living in? No, the only guarantee life is giving you is that someday it will end.

In a so-called lifestyle you wish to have, you have forgotten to live your life. When someone dies you feel remorse and regret. Suddenly, good words are spilled out. Unfortunately, you forget to give those soft words when the person was alive.

Remember life is a precious gift from God. Don’t waste it. Every moment is meant to be celebrated and lived. Knowing all individuals don’t fall in same steps but how we want it, it’s in our hands. Many are happy with what little they have and some maybe be unsatisfied within the best comforts they are living with. 

Life is like the flow of water which is only going to move ahead and never going to turn back. So, learn the importance of gratitude. Gratitude is a quality that spreads only happiness. Remember there is always something to be grateful for, sometimes you just need to look harder.

  1. Learn to live in the moment. Creating happy moments is in our hands. Tend to recreate those moments.
  2. Improvise the habit of criticizing, as it only gives you the feeling of regret.
  3. It takes only a moment to appreciate. Appreciate people who means something to you as it makes relationship stronger.

Being grateful lasts for forever in good note, as regret stays with you too for forever and giving you the feeling of guilt. Hence, it’s up to you what you want.






31 thoughts on “Regret is stronger than gratitude

  1. What a beautiful post my friend. Gratitude is everything. I feel it my calling here on Earth to encourage and love those around me. It’s been easy for me to say “I’m sorry”. I give grace because I receive it daily. I’d love to use that quote as well. Bless you!

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  2. Oh snap! So true. My ex-husband only gave me flowers once. And that was because I mentioned it years into our marriage. It felt like a slap in the face. I had to swallow my “not so nice” words and said thank you. But my head was cussing inside. And that’s that we never really argued. How ironic.

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  3. I start everyday with a gratitude list, it is what helps me carry on with each day. I live in the moment, one day at time. I as well try my best to keep things simple. Knowing this too shall pass. So this keeps me going, and I never take a single moment for granted. Life is too precious a gift! Great post!

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  4. You can’t get any truer than this post! It’s one of the reasons why I remind those I love how much I love them. Because tomorrow isn’t promised! Regret is the rottenest emotion you can have and one that is futile. Thank you so much for posting.

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