Parents- Treasure of Life!!!

Once there was an old man whose name was Jerry, whose only son was living in a city miles away from their village. One day Jerry decided to go to the city and visit his son, so he went to the place from where he used to receive the letters from his son. The father… Continue reading Parents- Treasure of Life!!!

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One day you entered into our lives. Became friends and treated you as brother. Wonderful 4 years of school time. Beautiful new session of 12 standard. I still remember it was wonderful sunny morning of saturday and you kept smiling from window. Told me to check my desk. Lovely photographs of investiture ceremony were there.… Continue reading Disappear

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Self Care 🤗🤗

Does self-care means selfish!!!  'Selfish' is when you consistently think about your requirements whereas 'Self care' is to honour your inner wants which requires to fulfill your potential wants with some purpose and gives the experience of joy!!! With the changing time I suppose one thought that equally needs to be changed is about considering… Continue reading Self Care 🤗🤗