How you see life?

For a daily wage earner these being the vital tools for his livelihood. Always struggled for a normal living. He fought many battles openly and some quietly inside him. In the course of struggle his tools of livelihood had never betrayed him. Each morning he used to take his road with lighthearted, Free from fear… Continue reading How you see life?



You were not born with well equipped knowledge, You crossed many roads, Faced expected and unexpected hindrance, In this process you learned many new things which were beyond your expectations. You tested your caliber. In this growth of life, One thing you must have surely learnt, How important it is to change in life. If… Continue reading Progress


Things you need to know for a strong and happy relationship !

"The most painful thing in life is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too." - Ernest Hemingway When you enter into a relationship with someone as a lover or as husband and wife, it's very important that while moving ahead in life you don't lose… Continue reading Things you need to know for a strong and happy relationship !

Beliefs and perception

People may take your goodness for granted.

Often people feel that their goodness is taken for granted by their relatives, friends, or by their loved ones. Have you ever realised what are the repercussions of this. Even when you know and still allow any one to take advantage of your goodness is not something to be proud of. That's my belief. It… Continue reading People may take your goodness for granted.