Beliefs and perception

Avoid 3C’s in life!!

Peace of mind is all we crave for. But it cannot be achieved unless we put in some efforts. Mind needs to be balance and maintain equilibrium between Complain Compare Criticise Often compare is used as a tool to encourage others to do better in life. Forgetting that constant comparison leads to a message that… Continue reading Avoid 3C’s in life!!


One meal together

With change in life style rejoicing meals together with family is missing. Leading to gaps within family members. Let’s make efforts and set regular times to eat together with family. Don’t trap yourself with thoughts, that what you are doing is for family. All efforts are going in pain as you have forgotten the meaning… Continue reading One meal together


Gossips are the worse than thieves!!

Thieves intrude into your houses for the purpose of stealing and damages. Things lost can be recovered but gossips are worse than theft. Gossips tend to lose an individual’s dignity. Gossips steal the honour and credibility of a person. Making false perception of a person even before you get to know them properly. Damages done… Continue reading Gossips are the worse than thieves!!