A thought of being surrounded by the darkness of sorrow, often scares me. And heart says, what wrong have I done. I don't blame the world, But my destiny, Which is leading us no where, but only into the darkness of sorrow. Waiting for the sun to shine, Hoping some day some one will say… Continue reading Sorrow


Against all odds

Against all odds you succeed, You passed all the obstacles and cleared your path. Growing up and to be raised in a society where all are pulling you back and stopping you to move ahead in life is not easy. Living in a generation where with hard work you must have a good back is… Continue reading Against all odds

Beliefs and perception


Expectations often rob you from your happiness. Human nature is difficult to change. One may not tend to stop expecting things from others but definitely can learn to manage expectations. While managing expectations we have to understand one thing, our individual behaviour shouldn’t be changed because of the others specially when you are spreading positivity.… Continue reading Expectations!!