Daily challenge


Life is like waves, Where some waves are high, some low, some fierce and some calm Life giving you the taste of every swing. These waves might pull you down emotionally and physically. But don't let the waves of life wash you away, Rather ride with these waves and deal with your emotions appropriately. Adjust… Continue reading Wave

Daily challenge


How often one may try to reconcile few relationships, But which are not to be mended, cannot be tied in a thread. It's not because one missed something while reconciling the relationship, It's because few relationships are not meant for each other. Above all, individual's thoughts make a huge difference. Sometimes not to reconcile with… Continue reading Reconcile


Regret is stronger than gratitude

Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude. -ANNE FRANK A beautiful quote by Anne Frank which says a lot for those who wish to understand. A token of appreciation and thank you note requires only a small portion of your time, while regret consumes a person from… Continue reading Regret is stronger than gratitude