100 year old self

Keep taking time for yourself until you are you again. When you get up every morning you have a choice to regret or remember the good things life has bought you. Life have been with many bumps, when you feel the road have smoothened up, it shows you the mirror again and warns to tighten… Continue reading 100 year old self

Daily challenge


The way we clean our teeth with toothbrush, so that it shines and any kind of impurities are removed for hygiene purpose. Similarly, we must brush our heart too. Any kind of bad feelings, bad intentions or thoughts must be cleaned. Giving a new shine towards the world which you once looked with dismay and… Continue reading Toothbrush


The Grass is Green on the Other Side.

We all live a life peering into the life’s of other people through our window, thinking their lives are much happier than ours. Scrolling down different accounts in social media. Watching happy faces, people visiting different places, many giving couple goals etc. Wishing your life could be wonderful like there’s. Such thoughts often comes when… Continue reading The Grass is Green on the Other Side.