What you think-Quotes!!!

Behaviour is always greater than knowledge, because in life there are many situations where knowledge fails but behaviour can still handle. By reading books and through other sources one can gain knowledge and can make a better place for self at work place and in the society but a behaviour of a person will always… Continue reading What you think-Quotes!!!

Politics, love for nation

How to deal with politics at work place…..

The governance of activities and making efforts to improve in an organisation in a diplomatic manner can be termed as politics. But from decades the meaning of politics have been changed by people. Rather than creating a healthy environment people have started taking the term politics as a dirty tool to put forward their thoughts.… Continue reading How to deal with politics at work place…..


Keep your Dreams Alive😊💖💖

In life determination and dedication is very important. In life nothing is impossible, all we have to do is to belief and have faith in our dreams and make the vision as clear as crystal. Dreams will become passion only that day when it will not let you sleep. You face all obstacles happily and… Continue reading Keep your Dreams Alive😊💖💖


I – what does this refer to??

''I'' considered as one of the most selfish word. Why not? Because the expectations of the people have grown up so high that everyone wants that  the world should revolve only around them. ''I'' want the best comfort in the world but ''I'' don't want to make any efforts. Parents love is only for me and… Continue reading I – what does this refer to??


What’s being Independent!!

Is being independent only constrained to Financial Independence or it is far beyond that false perception. Independent means first taking the responsibility of self. From being child to adult as we grow we must learn how to take care of our own needs. Take responsibilty of our own decisions. The parents must equally help their… Continue reading What’s being Independent!!