I – what does this refer to??

''I'' considered as one of the most selfish word. Why not? Because the expectations of the people have grown up so high that everyone wants that  the world should revolve only around them. ''I'' want the best comfort in the world but ''I'' don't want to make any efforts. Parents love is only for me and… Continue reading I – what does this refer to??


Health and wellness

To stay healthy it’s always not necessary to concentrate on healthy diet and exercise.  But healthy mind is also very important. Healthy mind will lead to a beautiful life. Important points that are to be kept in mind for healthy life : Wrong thinking is the only problem in life. Broaden your thoughts and try to… Continue reading Health and wellness


What’s being Independent!!

Is being independent only constrained to Financial Independence or it is far beyond that false perception. Independent means first taking the responsibility of self. From being child to adult as we grow we must learn how to take care of our own needs. Take responsibilty of our own decisions. The parents must equally help their… Continue reading What’s being Independent!!

Politics, love for nation

Line of control for media!!

Media a very powerful tool and a sword arm for a democratic country. Media acts as  a watchdog which provides the information to the public and works for the welfare of the country. They are full responsible for their act since they provide information on national basis and any error can lead to severe consequences.… Continue reading Line of control for media!!