Daily challenge


I find everyone's life is crazy. As I see monster in you and inside me too. He is trying to rob the mind of every person, he is residing in. Controlling thoughts and overpowering the mind. As monster within us knows, how weak human thoughts are. Thoughts which can be easily manipulated. I take up… Continue reading Monster

Beliefs and perception


I feel pity on people who are living in a delusion, About a beautiful world, free from impurities. In reality faces are covered with mask, Living a life of hypocrisy. Well establish society criticize the work of prostitutes, But enjoy to visit their place for pomp and show, Considering this as the part of their… Continue reading Hypocrisy


Regret is stronger than gratitude

Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude. -ANNE FRANK A beautiful quote by Anne Frank which says a lot for those who wish to understand. A token of appreciation and thank you note requires only a small portion of your time, while regret consumes a person from… Continue reading Regret is stronger than gratitude