Looking at incompetence

How good one may be in his skills and accomplishments but often it take seconds to lower the self moral when someone makes you feel incompetent and raise a question on your capabilities.

You are good in your profession but they are many who have achieved success in your field at young age.

With time one need to realise how passionate or capable you may be in life but someone will be better and smarter than you. This does not mean one should doubt his capabilities.

Remember we are not equal in ability or outcome, and will never be. We produce according to our capabilities and sometimes produce also depends upon circumstantial situations.

Don’t compare yourself with others but compare yourself with what you were yesterday

When dreams are derived from the comparisons of other people than you are the slaves of your goals, then your dreams are not not your dreams. They are just the goals driven from jealousy.

Hence, it becomes important to lay the foundation of authentic and genuine critically analysed decisions.

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