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Things to remember in Parenting- part 1

In my previous post Importance of Good Parenting have discussed  how important it is to understand the responsiblity of being good parents. When one decides to become parents it should be willingly and not pressurised as ultimately the parents have to face and fulfill the upcoming challenges. Now in this article will discuss how important it is… Continue reading Things to remember in Parenting- part 1


Move on

How many of us review our thoughts by the end of the day. Those who do will find that the conversation done with others and with self are mostly based either on past or on future. Which means we are not fully living in the present moment, hence we are missing every moment of life… Continue reading Move on


Keep your Dreams Alive😊💖💖

In life determination and dedication is very important. In life nothing is impossible, all we have to do is to belief and have faith in our dreams and make the vision as clear as crystal. Dreams will become passion only that day when it will not let you sleep. You face all obstacles happily and… Continue reading Keep your Dreams Alive😊💖💖


I – what does this refer to??

''I'' considered as one of the most selfish word. Why not? Because the expectations of the people have grown up so high that everyone wants that  the world should revolve only around them. ''I'' want the best comfort in the world but ''I'' don't want to make any efforts. Parents love is only for me and… Continue reading I – what does this refer to??