Learning from own mistakes -Quotes

Time and experience are said to be the best teachers of life. But the lessons learnt from bad decisions are considered as one of the true lessons learnt in life. In life it's very important to learn from the mistakes made so that the risk of repeating them is avoided. The poor decisions made in… Continue reading Learning from own mistakes -Quotes

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Quote challenge: Knowledge 

Quotes always fascinate me a lot as it says everything in few words. With the end of the year would like to thank Rory once again for giving me the opportunity to take up this challenge!! Quotes always add meaning to what one wants to say. The Topic for the Challenge is : Knowledge ''For beautiful eyes,… Continue reading Quote challenge: Knowledge 


3.2.1 Quote Challenge-Expression

It's always great in participating in quote challenge. Thank you Rory for giving me the opportunity to participate in the last step of challenge as he is taking break until August.  Rory being the wonderful person and blogger to know.  His ideas have helped to know many new bloggers and have created the active participation… Continue reading 3.2.1 Quote Challenge-Expression


Famous Quotes by: Martin Luther

Self awakening quote by Martin Luther: Injustice anywhere is the threat to justice everywhere. Every nation which ever form of government they have plays a very important role in the development of a country!! As being the head of country the people bestow all their trust to the government because they believe the government will… Continue reading Famous Quotes by: Martin Luther


3 Days Quote Challenge- Day 2

I was recently nominated by my blogger friend, Lauren , for the 3 Days Quote Challenge. Thank you so much, Lauren, once again for nominating me!! Those who haven't visited Lauren's blog do visit. It will surely be a wonderful journey while visiting her blog. Rules for the challenge: Thank the person who nominated you. Write one… Continue reading 3 Days Quote Challenge- Day 2