How to stay young ?

Staying young is not only related to the remedies one follow for healthy skin and body.

But it’s also about keeping your mind and soul young.

How to stay young?

  • Make sure you surround yourself with cheerful people. Those who often complain may pull you down.
  • It’s important to keep mind active. Keep Learning new things in life. Never keep your mind idle as it’s the residence of DEVIL.
  • Laughter is the best medicine. Laugh often and loud. The more you laugh the more positive energy will be circulated not only within you but also around you.
  • Moments come when you are in grief and want to cry. Let your tears come. Grief for a moment and move ahead.The only person who will be with you the whole time is YOU and God. Be ALIVE while you are ALIVE.
  • True happiness is when we enjoy simple Things in Life.
  • Give importance to your health. If its good than preserve it. If it’s unstable than improve it. If it’s beyond improvement than take help. As in your old age it’s your health who is going to support you more than people.
  • Don’t ever miss the opportunity to express people whom you love and care. Always remember them.

Remember life is measured with the moments enjoyed every minute by you. Learn to live and express till the time you are alive. Live life fully till your last breath.

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