How phones are ruining relationships/society..

One doesn’t need anyone around, when you have a smart phone.

Where relationships are maintained with texts, arguments are solved on phone, feelings are depicted through status update, when social sites are swiped just to kill time. Think how difficult it’s becoming to maintain healthy relationships.

Sitting together on the dinning table, where you will not find a single person in conversation but scrolling on phones, especially the younger generation.

From getting up in the morning, till the time you go off to sleep your hands are fixed with smart phones.

After a hectic day, I sit back on my chair, closed my eyes and relaxed.

And than what I do, I  scrolled down my phone and what I see, another negative news.

(Gone are the days when I peacefully relaxed)

I jumped over my bed, after a tiring day.

What than, popped into my phone and watched something in YouTube.

(I forgot, how much I enjoyed the hot shower after such tiring day.)

I went to the bar with my friends to hangout after a long time.

Than what, I glanced at my phone and saw one of my colleague have resigned.

(Gone are those days when there was a balance between the professional and personal life.)

Went for a nature walk, to spend some time with self.

Dam the precious time was overpowered by the smart phone as I was scrolling the social sites without reason.

(Gone are the days of self rejuvenation.)

Enjoy reading book when I go to cafe for a cup of coffee.

But than, I am sitting back and smiling alone on WhatsApp chats and video.

(How technology have made our lives easy. Isn’t it?)

Have any one of you realised that an alarming situation have araised. Where suicides, homicide and depression are increasing a lot day by day due to increase usage of phone and ipad. Where parents truly have to intervene children and have to control the access of social media and phones at young age.

Limit yourself and of your children in the usage of phones. If the action is not taken immediately we are truly hampering our growth and leading ourselves to the destruction.


62 thoughts on “How phones are ruining relationships/society..

  1. Awesome Post! So true and so powerful. I heard a quote recently — we are bartering our consciousness to unconscious machines…..there is something so beautiful about breathing the same air together, feeling water, the touch of another’s hands, a hug, a smile on a face in real time – a human connection. Thank YOU so much for putting it across so well.

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  2. great post. I am of an older generation, I do not use a smartphone. My relationships are eye to eye, heart to heart. That is my way of survival, my nieces and nephews think I am a dinosaur or something. That’s cool too, but when they are with me, they get me. Life does not need transistors and algorithms to give speed to what takes time to appreciate. Peace and love.

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  3. I am not that addicted. The internet in my phone is usually off during the day. However, when there is somthing going on in my familly of in the country (like these days in Algeria) and I don’t like it all, is there was no waiting for spécific news or check the fake ones, I would not scroll down my phone, I usually use the WIFI to connect once I am at home, alone 😉

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  4. Very true, nowadays we don’t even know our neighbors but only whatsapp contacts. I am not in Facebook or not much active in whatsapp but sometimes I used to see YouTube just for some songs but unnecessary negative news pop-up their that will totally ruin our thoughts. Social media is making like only negative things are happening around. Love the way you put them in words.

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      1. I knew people who believe they’re more knowledgeable than people around them because they are active in Facebook. While seeing some comments or memes in YouTube I remember an Einstein quote that says ‘when technology overcomes human communication I fear we have generation of idiots’ truly that’s what happening. But still there are people like you who spreads positivity, let’s hope for the best.

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  5. Waqayee ye bahut hi chinta janak baat hai……..ham karib rahkar bhi karib nahi hai…… vikash ne hamen suvidha diya magar rishton se kaaphi dur kar diya………kisi ko kisi se matlab nahi…………pahle akelaa chalte insaan ko muskurate yaa rote dekh ham paagal samajh lete they…….
    ab to saath men bhi baithaa insaan binaa baat ke muskuraataa hai…….
    paas rahkar bhi wo kitna dur najar aataa hai.

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  6. Sad truth that smart phones are degrading our personal lives….
    I experience that where i go for a walk to get some fresh air and end up scrolling social sites for no reason….
    One way technology is a boon and other way it makes me rethink that our childhood was better than what we have now..

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  7. Well caught! Clean sweep, I would say!! 👏

    I feel it’s lawful! We get into anything lower downwards forces by default! Till we put effort to develop attraction towards higher upward … like relationships, love ❤️, life, compassion, nature, music 🎼, Wonder et al!

    I wonder where do I put blogging!! Zapped… trapped!

    Nobody is perfect. I am nobody!!

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  8. A fantastic observation and you have educated us so well, Tanvir. Krishnapriya too has written this post so well being inspired by you. We are losing touch with nature and with relationships and who knows what will happen. Every person you see is completely hooked with their mobiles. Thanks for this great share.

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  9. This is so true! People don’t even know how to communicate any more or how to make eye contact because they are so used to texting or typing on social media. Colossians 3:12-14 mentions the importance of showing love, compassion and kindness. It’s hard to do that via text. When we relearn how to truly communicate with one another we’ll be a much more loving society.

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