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WiFi – Fowc word challenge 

WiFi – in today’s world it’s an oxygen. Many of us can stay without food and oxygen but not without WiFi.

Forgetting the meaning of living a life in peace. Recently I moved to new place due to my husband’s work profile. In the mode of settlement for the first time we were without internet connection for approximately 1.5 months.

Though had a mobile data but then it could be used in a limited manner. Though beginning was difficult without it but I somehow started liking the absence of internet. Though often in the evening when my husband returned from office used to feel restless without internet and I on the other hand wished for no internet connection.

As after long time got a chance to spend quality time with my partner, we had something to talk with each other. Played games after long time. Laughed together. Though I was missing FaceTime with my mother and WordPress.

This 1.5 months without WiFi gave me a whole new life. Freedom  from the prison of addiction and saw life beyond internet.

Could hear the breeze of air, completed reading my novel. Enjoyed my favourite activity of spending time with myself.

I wish we all free ourselves from the knots of addiction and live life in peace and silence.

Truly limiting the life with internet will add beautiful years to our life. We could see a whole new world with our beautiful eyes.


24 thoughts on “WiFi – Fowc word challenge 

  1. how true this is! Once in a while we need to switch off from the virtual world. It’s an irony though that the same wifi keeps the whole world in a loop. As you said it’s a package deal. We will all eventually learn to strike a balance.

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