Preachings, meditation

Cleaning of mind

As we clean our house, we must also clean our mind. It's very important to feed our mind with good, pure and positive thoughts, along with the preachings of our elders. This helps to vacuum the dirt filled in mind with negative thoughts. It's very important to keep our mind clean and bright, as it's… Continue reading Cleaning of mind


Damage -FOWC

The roots of humanity have been damaged to such extent, that it cannot be repaired. There's nothing left in describing the meaning of so-called humanity. Cold breeze of wind comes, Turns us blue but we remain undefeated from the cruelty that have been built within us. So don't bother to ask,''How it began''? Just keep… Continue reading Damage -FOWC

Beliefs and perception


Expectations often rob you from your happiness. Human nature is difficult to change. One may not tend to stop expecting things from others but definitely can learn to manage expectations. While managing expectations we have to understand one thing, our individual behaviour shouldn’t be changed because of the others specially when you are spreading positivity.… Continue reading Expectations!!


H for Habits – A to Z challenge.

Make smile your habit. A best habit which allows you to find emotional, mental and spiritual peace. Smile makes your surroundings beautiful. A habit which acts as a magnet and never leaves you alone. A habit that will keep you healthy. Smile helps not only to lift your mood but also helps to elevate the… Continue reading H for Habits – A to Z challenge.


How phones are ruining relationships/society..

One doesn’t need anyone around, when you have a smart phone. Where relationships are maintained with texts, arguments are solved on phone, feelings are depicted through status update, when social sites are swiped just to kill time. Think how difficult it’s becoming to maintain healthy relationships. Sitting together on the dinning table, where you will not… Continue reading How phones are ruining relationships/society..

Politics, love for nation

How to deal with politics at work place…..

The governance of activities and making efforts to improve in an organisation in a diplomatic manner can be termed as politics. But from decades the meaning of politics have been changed by people. Rather than creating a healthy environment people have started taking the term politics as a dirty tool to put forward their thoughts.… Continue reading How to deal with politics at work place…..

Politics, love for nation

Line of control for media!!

Media a very powerful tool and a sword arm for a democratic country. Media acts as  a watchdog which provides the information to the public and works for the welfare of the country. They are full responsible for their act since they provide information on national basis and any error can lead to severe consequences.… Continue reading Line of control for media!!