Beliefs and perception

Common Man

A common man is not common but a divine personality in its own. Sometimes we ourselves fail to see how powerful we are as a common man. We often fail to value ourselves. In short we must learn to appreciate and value each other's work. A farmer who grows crops for the people. Works hard… Continue reading Common Man


School uniform

School uniform gives an identity to the children. Gives the feeling of being one. It helps the students not fall in the trap of money/show off. Where all the students gain same knowledge under one shelter without any discrimination. School uniform creates a sense of unity and helps in making friends easily. Where in many… Continue reading School uniform

Beliefs and perception

People may take your goodness for granted.

Often people feel that their goodness is taken for granted by their relatives, friends, or by their loved ones. Have you ever realised what are the repercussions of this. Even when you know and still allow any one to take advantage of your goodness is not something to be proud of. That's my belief. It… Continue reading People may take your goodness for granted.

Beliefs and perception


Expectations often rob you from your happiness. Human nature is difficult to change. One may not tend to stop expecting things from others but definitely can learn to manage expectations. While managing expectations we have to understand one thing, our individual behaviour shouldn’t be changed because of the others specially when you are spreading positivity.… Continue reading Expectations!!


H for Habits – A to Z challenge.

Make smile your habit. A best habit which allows you to find emotional, mental and spiritual peace. Smile makes your surroundings beautiful. A habit which acts as a magnet and never leaves you alone. A habit that will keep you healthy. Smile helps not only to lift your mood but also helps to elevate the… Continue reading H for Habits – A to Z challenge.