I never thought that was possible- story challenge

One paper of  Company Secretary was left and I knew how terrible headache  that single paper was giving me. In the mean time I was preparing for my exam I gave a casual interview as a social studies teacher. Not knowing what life had to give me, in mid of 2012 I joined a school as a teacher.

The beginning of my teaching experience was full of roller coaster ride. Due to one or the other reason often had a heated up conversation with the Principal. Slowly learnt how to handle things with vigilance, even when you are not wrong. In the month of september it was the time for me to enroll for the Company Secretary exam and I being reluctant for not giving that paper. Than my mother motivated me to give a last try,  might this time my hard work pays. I thank god for listening to her and gave my December attempt.

As the journey of my teacher was moving ahead, I suppose the beginning was difficult as I thought I would not continue this job for the long period of time. Than I realised, I was actually enjoying my work. In December I gave my Company Secretary exam and on other hand started my job with fresh thoughts. More over was glad the Principal of the school resigned due to some reasons. I started getting along with staff well and with students too. My involvement and interaction with students changed a whole lot of things. Students started taking interest in social studies, where earlier they lacked interest and found the subject very boring. 

By February  I was scared as my Company Secretary result had to come and final exams of children was near by. A time to proof myself in both fields. Guess what it was my last attempt logically in the context of company secretary which I cleared with flying colours and now I could actually complete the requisites to apply for my membership number. On other ahead my children had done super well in my subject and it was for the first time none of the children whom I taught failed in social studies.

It all seemed like a movie to me where every piece of puzzle was falling in appropriate place. 2013-14 session was a new start for me. I was given more classes and was also made the class teacher of grade 7. Was given the responsiblity of a play called Alice in Wonderland to be performed by the students in the Annual Function.

I started working on the play from the selection of the students, print out of the play, deciding characters etc. Side by side I was completing my training needed for Company secretary membership. Finally, the big day had come, my children had performed marvellously good in the play. First english play was held in the school and with the grace of God I accomplished the task positively. Today, when I got the opportunity to think about it in the form of challenge , I never thought that was possible for me do. The journey had given me a whole new vision to realise my potentials as a person.

Maybe, for you as a reader it may seem normal, but for me this experience gave me  a chance to find myself as a person, I could still feel the goosebumps when I think about it. Though have expressed in nutshell hope the readers could feel the same excitement as I felt while expressing.

Story Starter Challenge # 5



45 thoughts on “I never thought that was possible- story challenge

  1. A wonderful journey and nice to know more about you. I like how you said you realised you started to like your job. That is such a wonderful feeling

    It is a challenge to work , study and pass an exam. Well done.
    Fond memories and well done for what you have achieved.

    Love bella

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  2. I remember when I was in Delhi for my education and later started working, my brother stayed with me for his CS and I remember how hard it was. I am glad you got the play and wish you the best for your CS exams – stay blessed

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  3. I can relate myself half here. As a social studies teacher I worked in two schools and children showed progress in both. When I left the first school due to transfer in my husband’s job I heard from another teacher children asked when I will return back. Second school also I left because after that we came to Muscat. Like you I also love being with children. Teacher is a lovable job. I am happy to know about you. You are a wonderful person. Even now you are teaching through your posts. Keep up your good work. ❤️

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