‘Is Elitism a curse?’ I suppose Elitism is not a bad word. It depends how you portray yourself. Elitism + power + ego = dangerous combination. When you don’t trust your people with whom you have to work and get together in common than Elitism becomes a problem. Elitism is dangerous when you think the… Continue reading Elitism



I love to hop from here and there.Stopped to take a quick air.Hiding in bushes, finding new path to move ahead.Surpassed the pain that I had underwent through.Heart desires for lovely people who adopts and love me unconditionally.I can’t speak but can be your best friend.My life is short but filled with loads of love… Continue reading Bunny

Beliefs and perception


Red colour comes from blood. A colour have it's own variations, if interpreted. A colour of sacrifice and love. But at same time RED colour reminds me of - Conflict, Jealousy, Ego, Danger, Loss. Colour adorn by many yet it's not a colour that defines, ''peace and unity''. Rather it divides the society.