How to stay young ?

Staying young is not only related to the remedies one follow for healthy skin and body. But it's also about keeping your mind and soul young. How to stay young? Make sure you surround yourself with cheerful people. Those who often complain may pull you down. It's important to keep mind active. Keep Learning new… Continue reading How to stay young ?



This time will too pass away anyhow. What matters the most is, ''What this moment have taught you''? Where there is panic all over the world due to coronavirus. It have certainly taught, life is uncertain. Where you had spent living life, you didn't want to. At this moment keep up with the words we… Continue reading Pass

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What does women want?

What women wants from men? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Lets think.. A beautiful hot colour dress that would look marvellous on her. Someone to talk to her all day. Many would say she would love to have beautiful jewellery, house and a comfort life. Or she wants appreciation and consideration for every relationship she fits in. Does these… Continue reading What does women want?


Things you need to know for a strong and happy relationship !

"The most painful thing in life is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too." - Ernest Hemingway When you enter into a relationship with someone as a lover or as husband and wife, it's very important that while moving ahead in life you don't lose… Continue reading Things you need to know for a strong and happy relationship !

Beliefs and perception

People may take your goodness for granted.

Often people feel that their goodness is taken for granted by their relatives, friends, or by their loved ones. Have you ever realised what are the repercussions of this. Even when you know and still allow any one to take advantage of your goodness is not something to be proud of. That's my belief. It… Continue reading People may take your goodness for granted.