“Each Realtionship represents a world to us, a world possibly not known until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting a new world is born.”

Relationship is a very simple word but difficult to understand at times. Very correctly said, difficult to maintain and sustain a relationship till end but takes no time to end”.

Every relationships have it’s own meaning and importance, which cannot be replaced by any other relationship. Every relationship has it’s own beauty to be treasured. Connection between the two people.

Talking about every beautiful relationship I cherish, have a very beautiful relationship with my mother. A mother for me she is my soul, without which I am incomplete. For every child their mother is always very precious but some how I feel as if I share a special connection with her. She being the backbone of our family, have never found a women with such a strong personality. Have never found difficult to share my feelings and problems with her at every stage of life, since she is the prime person to provide with best solution. I don’t even remember the last scoldings I got for my mistake, since I didn’t had the fear of getting scoldings. Because  very few are lucky like me whose parents explain  the difference between right and wrong and helping us to improve in the course of life.


“Father and Daughter ” share a very sweet relationship. A father may not listen to anyone but can’t deny what his daughter says . The best compliment by my father to me,” you are my mother not my daughter” . I know I can scold him, make a demand and in return he is going to give a sweet smile and say I Love You my princess.

A sweet and sour relationship is of a brother and sister. They fight like Tom and Jerry.  Have there own way to show love and care for each other.

Friends are many but who remain till the end are worth calling friends. Lucky to have few such friends. Among all , with one  I share a divine relation, whom I call my best buddy share a beautiful relationship of 20 years. Opposite in nature, many times having difference in opinion but we stand together because we fill the gaps and cover up the flaws without even showing it to each other. We might not talk for days but know when we talk it seems to be just yesterday we had a conversation. In the journey of life made many friends few remained in the path and few left in the path, teaching the important lesson of life.


A very sweet and delicate relationship is that of a Husband and Wife. A relationship when you are their for each other and the two against the world. You talk and fight like friends, together you are like love birds and play like kids. A beautiful relationship like fish and water but not like fish and fisherman.

A girl in her journey of life makes many new relations. Very few are lucky like me who got new relations as lovable and precious as one she currently holds. A dream come true when a girl is accepted as daughter in her new family. Motivated and accept her thoughts. Inspire and appreciate her in very bit of new achievements.

Having good communication power, capability to understand the situations better even without sayings at times, I suppose I am able to explain things better and make people explain what I feel. Those who know me well, have always looked upon me as a dedicated person, a person with whom they can talk and open up their heart easily. But sometimes I find difficult to explain what I am feeling than comes my beautiful sister who says sis you are strong and capable enough to do it, do go for it. A sister who is my friend and not a sister. A kid who demands me di I want this. I have a problem help me.

In the path of life many ups and downs are going to come but remember one thing:

Never change your originality for the sake of others. No one can play your role better than yourself. Be yourself. You are the best

Those who love you, love you because of what you are, not what the World wants to see you. Love doesn’t ask you to change because it have loved you for what you are. If love asks you to change than that person was never in love with you.

Change just happens like filling the gaps of fingers.


55 thoughts on “Relationships!!

  1. Awesome dear. Loved the way how beautifully you have penned down every relation in as simple words as could be.

    Love you the more😘😘😘😘

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  2. This was a great read. What you’ve written is absolutely true! Relationships with friends and family are strong and keep you together. Relationships are a special bond for people. This is one of my favourite posts from you. Keep it up!

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