Beliefs and perception


Life is filled with happiness and enthusiasm when festivals are around. The surroundings are brightened up with lights and candles, delicious food is been cooked. Lights in festivals are always considered to be auspicious. But than why people forget to celebrate life after festive season is over. Celebrations should be through out our life, that's… Continue reading Celebrations



Every individual & relationship is unique in this world. A mothers love and compassion is beyond any relationship. Father will teach his children how to face the world. Teacher enlightens the society with knowledge and discipline. Brother being the best friend for his sister. Sister is second mother and best friend for siblings. No one can… Continue reading Unique

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 Does-Love needs to be proven?? 

I want to know who I am From where I am I wish someone helps me to find the right path. Colour of my blood is same as of yours Than why there is differentiation of love between you and me? Why there is  hatred among people? Why people are becoming enemies of there own… Continue reading  Does-Love needs to be proven?? 

Beliefs and perception

Can Smile change the world 😊😊

A sweet smile is all what everybody needs!! A powerful and most pleasing tool in  the world is: Money !!! No It’s SMILE 😊  It increases the face value of all. It travels through all the barriers and melts the heart of even a hard-hearted person. I think a smile is the only language that… Continue reading Can Smile change the world 😊😊


Seven Days B & W Photos- Day 5

I was challenged by Beyond words for a challenge of a " Seven Days black and white photos of your life". Here I come once again sharing one of my favourite picture with the readers. No people. No explanation  Just nominate new people everyday  Today I nominate Blooming souls. I love the way she portrays the… Continue reading Seven Days B & W Photos- Day 5