Find yourself!!

From the core of the desires is living a life of purpose and meaning,

From the core of purpose and meaning is a life of service to others,

From the core of service to others, you will find peace and happiness

Where within the deep roots of peace and happiness you will discover yourself.

But the fact of life is that we hardly know ourselves.


To find yourself is the most challenging experience for one. Spending time with yourself is very important, as you can only find what exactly as a person you are.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What work gives you joy and sense of satisfaction?
  2. What’s your biggest fear and why?
  3. What are your good and bad habits?
  4. If you could have a single wish granted, what it would be?
  5. One failure that changed your life?

Asking many more such questions and finding the answers to them and then you will sense the difference of you and the life lead by you. Often asking the questions will make you feel uncomfortable , especially when you have not done it before but slowly it becomes a habit and you enjoy it.

You and the thousand miles that you have travelled and in between made lots of mistakes, unknowingly might have hurt someone’s feelings. Many frightening moments you would have moved away from and wished you could have handled them leading to a different situation.

I suppose the biggest mistake a person makes is when one runs away from oneself. You often fear remembering your own flaws again in life, since you don’t wish to face them again. But once you overpower these flaws their’s a birth of a new person who is ready to face any challenge and fills your soul with full enthusiasm.

Giving time to yourself gives a feeling of being yourself since you let go everything and it’s like standing in front of mirror showing your inside out view and for the first time it’s you.

Be kind to yourself. Don’t think of your past, when you are there to improve your future!!

I personally love to spend some quality time with myself. I talk to myself, fight and find my own mistakes and creating a room for improvement and often finding answers where I have let myself down. I always want to stand high in front of my eyes. Not only spending time with oneself helps in making clarity about do’s and don’ts, it also helps in becoming a better person and improves the understanding power.

One should always be prepared for the answers that you may not be looking for but they are the answers that you need. If you think you have lost, scream loudly, search around yourself. Maybe a small piece of hope, will give you path. You will fall miserably in trying new things but don’t lose hope because it will give you the purpose of life. “A true sense of long awaited joy and happiness you were looking for. ” Remember that the day you lose hope you will lose the purpose of life and that feeling of guilt can make life difficult.

In the process of knowing yourself one thing is very important, “love yourself, accept yourself, forgive yourself and be good to yourself” because you will find many reasons to love yourself and an inspiration to move ahead in life.

Often we are stuck up in :

Who I am, who I want to be, who I should be”.

There are few decisions in life that needs to be taken alone and really needs to find out where you want to be.

Listen to yourself regardless of what others say. Keep your moral high even when the whole world is against you. Trust yourself and in the end your trust will open the doors which were once closed.

We all know life is lived once. It would be a tragedy when you had find time for all others in your life but not for yourself. A lost article cannot be found unless it is searched for. In the same way you can’t discover yourself unless you look for yourself, so you need to get lost to find yourself.

You are not too old or too fat or too poor. You are not too slow or too boring. You are none of these terrible things, instead tell yourself that you are opposite of it.

When you are in the journey of discovering yourself, enjoy the process and trust me getting to know yourself is worthwhile . So go for it ..


58 thoughts on “Find yourself!!

  1. This is gold! I wish I could give a 1000 likes :’) quality time with oneself, questioning, mind-surfing – there is so much we can do to get to know ourselves better. The thing is that mostly we’re stuck trying to figure out who we should be and that keeps us from actually finding out who we are.

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  2. Such good advice … But I wish I’d read it 10 years ago! Only just getting to know myself now, aged 32 with three kids! Still, better late than never … πŸ˜ƒ

    Liked by 2 people

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