Is Life a Competition?

The problem isn’t that life is unfair  – it’s your broken idea of fairness…

Is life all about making money or bringing up your family or living restricted life with few specific norms.


Life is about ”making a difference” or ”following your heart”.

God have given us the answer by giving this beautiful life to live in it’s own flow and cherish the ups and downs of life with broader aspect but I suppose with change in time we have given a different meaning to life. Life is to play with it’s own reel and with certain set of rules. Being complicated and difficult to follow the rules we humans can never manage to learn them and live accordingly because we never want to come out from the circle of comfort zone.

We are often taught in school and at home to work hard in order progress in life and coping up with the changing environment but at the same time we are also enlightened with the repercussions of dealing life only as competition. As life is much more than only meeting the targets set, getting desired grades, jobs, status etc.

As and when we grow with certain responsibilities we don’t even realise that when we enter into the race of competition. The major stress in today’s life is due to increase in the level of competition. This “thought is closely connected with how you are going to be judged by what you do, not what you think.”

Well earlier the sleep was peaceful because what you thought about yourself made you self satisfactory and happy. Eg.Glad with the grades you achieved, satisfaction with the needs you had, moving ahead with ambitious life etc. Things are not the same as for now because the roots are now caught with the disease of comparison. We see ourselves through the eyes of the world and that’s where it is killing people from inside.

One thing that needs to be made cleared and understood is the difference between  the competition and healthy competition. Competition done with fair means without disturbing the mental peace and growing with self-satisfaction is good but when the needs becomes greed and requirements are taken place by comparison leads to unhealthy competition.

Competition and jealousy goes hand by hand. Use of unethical language, false believe system have given rise to unhealthy competition. To make an end to this evil thought, one thing needs to be taken into mind is that every person has it’s own journey of life. The choices and decisions made in one’s life are according to the situational factors. Now question arises – Where is the competition?  competition arises when you are participating in any particular race. Among the various participants only one person is going to win. So why jealousy and comparison where the moment requires to work hard.

So living a good healthy life is a competition. Really need to think hard on this!!! Look into any sector whether it’s industrial sector, corporate sector or educational sector where is competition. Competition is for the development of every particular sector but moving ahead through unfair means  is called competition or ????!!

In the journey of life when we are competing with our own capacity than where is the competition. Than why are we comparing our lives with others. Life goes with 4 belief thoughts:

  • Capacity
  • Values
  • Intelligence and
  • Hard Work

What matters the most is the Input You are giving to your life. And Output depends on what input you had given. So if we work hard on good input and working on improving our skills I suppose automatically the output turns out to be  good. But if their  is something negative in our subconscious mind  or keep in taking the energy what others are giving me, you can easily  judge the output.

Anyone who works on the improvements of their own traits rather than comparing, pulling leg of the people getting success or creating wrong energy will it lead to a better way of life or harming your own personality. Remember one thing in life and repeatedly say it to yourself :

I am not in competition with anybody but myself. My goal is to beat my last performance.

While reading this post many readers might have a question in their mind that when there is absolutely no competition how will things progress in life because to understand things spiritually or rather I would say logically  and following them is great matter of difference.

I could only say  “The way you see things makes a whole lot of difference“. Looking into yourself and asking few bitter questions with what you were running away will give you your answers.

To make things a bit more easier will try to elaborate:

Everybody loves you  until you become a competition.


Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people.

The above quote has given a lot of answers to what I have been trying to express with adequate comparison.

Rather than always aiming yourself to be at top, it would be better to make a target according to your capacity and aim to enhance your capacities, develop yourself as individuals and see how it helps you to come out of your comfort zone. These situations will certainly help you to win the race of life without looking left or right but focusing only on the target or your goals.


It’s nice to have a valid competition as it pushes you to do better



56 thoughts on “Is Life a Competition?

  1. Beautiful post Tanvir. Unfortunately life has become competition driven for many, even for kids. Values and compassion have taken a back seat. I loved the quote which you used, ” competition brings the best in products and the worst in people”. How true!
    While I agree a healthy competiton in people is good, but many a times it assumes a fiercely selfish motive which is negative.

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  2. Oh wow I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog because this post is exactly what has been on my mind for the last couple of days. I often find myself working really hard and then starting to doubt why I’m doing everything, but that happens when I lose my balance between “work” and “fun” because I’m trying to be better than anyone else … and then I remember that it’s impossible because there’s always going to be someone who is better and worse than you, and all you can do is just be yourself… (as cliche as it sounds). Going at your own pace is the best

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  3. I think that life is about making a difference. However, I do not have children or anybody who is dependent absolutely on me. I can make my own decisions, risk my own money and my own future. I do not think that parents could always make their own choices.

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  4. Tanvir-what a fabulous post! So true that there will always be someone who is more gifted than you, wealthier, healthier, etc. but YOU might be the better of one of those against someone else so just appreciate all people’s unique gifts as well as your own. While I think competition can also inspire, it just has it’s place 🙂 .

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  5. Fabulously fantastic post I have ever gone through.. competition, nature of competition, healthy competition,unfair competition all these depends on us only.. how we treat our life is all matters. It doesn’t matters whether u r a 9.0 pointer or 8.0 , campus placement will be cracked by those who indeed have done hard work and are deserving..

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  6. Such a lovely and thoughtful post. I agree, it is all about living your life and not just getting into some kind of competition. We need to understand that money can’t buy everything, and we need to live our life not just spend it.

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  7. Regardless of whatever we do, our purpose here on earth is to make a difference in people’s lives. That is the highest calling that everyone has. Certainly, not everyone is going to need that calling because of the temptations to compete, win, control or dominate. The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. The longest bridge is the bridge of regrets. This is a very inspiring post!

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  8. I believe comparison is not necessary and breeds negative energy. I recommend regular self analysis and self improvement. Always thinking of how to add value to humanity rather than competing for self-serving reasons. Maybe the world could be a better place with this attitude.

    Very insightful post. Thanks for sharing.👍🌷

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