I am not happy with the irregular shapes in geometry. Whether it may be square, triangle or semicircle. Uncountable shapes gives me a grumpy feeling. For many it may be a special Valentine who’s heart never fails to intersect his beloved. But for me it’s a nightmare. Don’t know the reason but have the fear… Continue reading Geometry



There’s a vacancy in my heart. An empty space of unheard feelings. If one listens to my heartbeat, Will find loneliness, unheard and injured by words. There’s a vacancy, For those who wish to reconnect with the thoughts. Restart the button of life and giving a chance to breathe. But then a thought comes, Put… Continue reading Vacancy

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Self Care 🤗🤗

Does self-care means selfish!!!  'Selfish' is when you consistently think about your requirements whereas 'Self care' is to honour your inner wants which requires to fulfill your potential wants with some purpose and gives the experience of joy!!! With the changing time I suppose one thought that equally needs to be changed is about considering… Continue reading Self Care 🤗🤗