Against all odds

Against all odds you succeed, You passed all the obstacles and cleared your path. Growing up and to rise in a society where all are pulling you back and stopping you to move ahead in life is not easy. Living in a generation where with hard work you must have a good back is difficult.… Continue reading Against all odds


J for Joke

The world have truly become a strange place to stay. Where jokes of the comedians are becoming controversies. And the matters of important issues and politicians have become the subject of comedy.   You can also follow me on Twitter- @tanvirsweet A to Z Challenge P.S : You can click on the linked alphabets to… Continue reading J for Joke


H for Habits – A to Z challenge.

Make smile your habit. A best habit which allows you to find emotional, mental and spiritual peace. Smile makes your surroundings beautiful. A habit which acts as a magnet and never leaves you alone. A habit that will keep you healthy. Smile helps not only to lift your mood but also helps to elevate the… Continue reading H for Habits – A to Z challenge.


G for Generation Gap – A to Z challenge 

Once upon time I taught you how to walk. Played and walked with you with the changing time. But today when I need you as my friend. You are teaching me how to live life. Listening to your preachings of how I should adjust with the changing environment. As I am old and outdated. Generation… Continue reading G for Generation Gap – A to Z challenge 


I never thought that was possible- story challenge

One paper of  Company Secretary was left and I knew how terrible headache  that single paper was giving me. In the mean time I was preparing for my exam I gave a casual interview as a social studies teacher. Not knowing what life had to give me, in mid of 2012 I joined a school… Continue reading I never thought that was possible- story challenge


Why relationships breakup after baby!!

If the child is born at an early stage of 3 to 4 years of marriage, approximately 2/3rd of the couples find difficult to handle the new life and their quality of relationship starts declining. Let's understand it in a way of story: There was a couple who had dreamt for a child for so… Continue reading Why relationships breakup after baby!!


White Elephant Challenge

I thank Rory for nominating me for this unique challenge and I personally found this challenge very Interesting. Teresa of Haunted Wordsmith created a beautiful gem for us. The purpose of the game is to gift the fellow bloggers with a beautiful gift. Participation not being obliged, but if you wish to participate pick three bloggers and give them… Continue reading White Elephant Challenge

Challenge · quotes

Quote challenge: Knowledge 

Quotes always fascinate me a lot as it says everything in few words. With the end of the year would like to thank Rory once again for giving me the opportunity to take up this challenge!! Quotes always add meaning to what one wants to say. The Topic for the Challenge is : Knowledge ''For beautiful eyes,… Continue reading Quote challenge: Knowledge