Daily challenge


Violence is not only the reason for Terror. Hate, greed to have supreme hold over the world is the root cause of Terror. Hunger of negative thoughts have blurred the truth deep down somewhere. The actions of beliefs and humanity have been overpowered by misbeliefs. In the name of faith, preachings of goodness is misinterpreted.… Continue reading Terror



Another day is over. My heart still haunts with the pandemic situation around me. Every day I wake up, I pray today the curtain of darkness is raised, wishing never to fold it again. Past few months have been tough. I am still haunted with the events that have taken place in these few months.… Continue reading Prayer

Daily challenge


Furnish yourself not with precious stones and wealth. Furnish your surroundings not with the society who is attracted with your lifestyle. Rather furnish your inner self. Furnish your life with love. As life presents you the hunger of search. Search your capabilities, search the gift of nature around you. Furnish yourself with care and free… Continue reading Furnish