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Loneliness- 3TC #M205

Loneliness is not reduced by gathering in a crowd but by interacting quality of time with correct people.

You shouldn’t look for bodies in a room but look for deep sense of connection, trust and sense of belonging.

To fit in crowd and being desperate to remove the loneliness , we often tend to change ourselves. Thinking, change is the solution to the problem.

Forgetting the more you change yourself, more you are trapped into the feelings of solitary. Leading to self abandonment.

Then one big question comes into my mind-“ How loneliness can be removed”?

Stop betraying yourself by letting yourself being settled in hollow relationships. Rather, talk to yourself . Spend time with your inner self. Find yourself with the people who are best for you. Though it’s not easy to find suited relations in life, especially when life is not in your favour.

But showing courage to be true to yourself is the important step one needs to take. My belief says sometimes it’s better to be alone then to be with fake people.




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24 thoughts on “Loneliness- 3TC #M205

  1. eyes that never see
    flashes of lightin fa only me
    hey the devil to pay
    nothing is real but the way that i feel
    ready to go
    held below
    hey hey
    a place to lay
    down down down!

    r j dio
    rip brother

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