Beliefs and perception

Don’t judge anyone by the opinion of others!!

Often people judge or form opinions about others even before they have met a person based on what they hear. As in my earlier post Rumor or Gossip!!! had mentioned how gossip or rumor can even spoil the closest relationship, so one should never judge anyone without knowing someone personally. Learn to respect every person who crosses… Continue reading Don’t judge anyone by the opinion of others!!

Beliefs and perception

Forgotten Lessons of Life

Life is unpredictable. In the journey of life never be stagnant in your thoughts. Be enough  flexible to make changes in life as per the requirements but to be charged up all time we need to remember and apply the teachings that life, experiences and elders have taught  but many of them we have already… Continue reading Forgotten Lessons of Life

Beliefs and perception

Can Smile change the world 😊😊

A sweet smile is all what everybody needs!! A powerful and most pleasing tool in  the world is: Money !!! No It’s SMILE 😊  It increases the face value of all. It travels through all the barriers and melts the heart of even a hard-hearted person. I think a smile is the only language that… Continue reading Can Smile change the world 😊😊

Beliefs and perception

Human being and being human🤔🤔

Life is a long journey between human being and being human. Everyday a step is needed to be taken to fill the gap. Two same words "HUMAN BEING" and "BEING HUMAN " 😊just change the order of words and the meaning completely changes with deep explanation for the one's who wants to understand! Many children… Continue reading Human being and being human🤔🤔

Beliefs and perception

Should teenagers be given Freedom!!

Teenage, the age between 13 to 19, is the most delicate time in one's life, which needs to be carefully handled. Teenagers are just like buds when nourished properly would blossom like beautiful flowers. Summer vacations were about to come and a group of school friends were discussing what they are going to do in… Continue reading Should teenagers be given Freedom!!

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Every cloud has a sliver lining 

Beautiful proverb: Every Cloud has a silver lining, which means one has to stay clam and positive at all times and never lose hope at any times. A huge black cloud generally blocks the sun fight and makes the atmosphere dull and dark. But if you see closely you would find that the sun rays… Continue reading Every cloud has a sliver lining