Things you need to know for a strong and happy relationship !

“The most painful thing in life is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.” – Ernest Hemingway

When you enter into a relationship with someone as a lover or as husband and wife, it’s very important that while moving ahead in life you don’t lose your self-confidence, specially your identity. Often when people enter into a relationship have seen them losing their identity. Often many have abusive and painful relationships. Knowing one have unhealthy relationships they still stick to their partner with a hope that someday things might change. If you don’t find anything healthy in your relationship than it’s better to part away.

Things to remember for a healthy relationship :

  1. When partners acknowledge that they are in relationship : Giving surprises,, overloaded cuties stage is over, make sure that each partner considers their presence in life and define their relationship clearly so that no one counts on cheating.
  2. Understanding one another’s love language : Have a different way of showing love, does not mean lack of compatibility,but valuing and understanding the love expressed by your partner makes a huge difference. It can be showed in different ways. Like participation in household work, through word affirmations etc. Most important learn to appreciate each other. Somethings when a partner is left unappreciated or ignored than it creates a gap and a feeling of unworthy in their life’s.
  3. Giving space : requiring space and demanding some independence doesn’t mean that there is no or lack of love. It’s just respecting the time and space needed for self.This is one of the most important factor for a healthy relationship. It often helps to rejuvenate self-esteem and also helps to know what role each partner play in their live’s.
  4. You don’t define each other : Being into a relationship doesn’t mean you forget what you are an individual and keep changing yourself as per partner needs. For a healthy relationship it’s very important for the two to remain independent on their thoughts and personality without suppressing each other’s dreams and individuality. Remember two people who happened to be together was because they love  the other person for who they are and not what they want to see.
  5. Healthy arguments :Difference in opinion on any topic is normal. Argument on the topic is healthy till when the disagreement is not turned into a fight. In an argument not one person is wrong and other is right. It’s an opinion that is shared. Different perceptive doesn’t mean that you can’t  sit with your partner and talk. To see other way round it’s just a normal way of healthy communication.
  6. Understanding the meaning of Love : Love means supporting each other in the odds, where the whole world might be against you. Where materialistic things doesn’t matter but what matters the most is the togetherness and support of each other.

45 thoughts on “Things you need to know for a strong and happy relationship !

  1. In some ways this list could also apply to platonic friendships. I have experienced trouble with friends who are less outspoken than me and for whatever reasons, communication is hard for them so I was left with nothing but assumptions, they wouldn’t answer when I approached them.
    Communication is vital in all relationships so we can avoid that assumption trap. We’re not mind readers and it is up to each of us to let others know what we need from there or if they do something that makes us feel belittled, and vice versa.

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