You were not born with well equipped knowledge,

You crossed many roads,

Faced expected and unexpected hindrance,

In this process you learned many new things which were beyond your expectations.

You tested your caliber.

In this growth of life,

One thing you must have surely learnt,

How important it is to change in life.

If you don’t change with time, you will not grow.

When the thought of change is ignored,

It will make you realise how stagnant your progress becomes.

You become obsolete and within yourself you realise,

”How unfit you have become?” A big question mark have been raised to your survival.

Than something made you realise,

What will happen if the bud refuses to change into a flower?

It will not bloom.

In life in order to progress, change is required more than perfection.

So become a bush of thorns and enjoy the beauty of rose.

As there is no gain without pain.

Remember,to enjoy the bed of roses, you must learn how to pluck the thorns.


#FOWC WITH Fandango-Progress

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