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“The privilege of lifetime is being able to be who you are”

India is known as a land of diversity. The physical features, various cultures, different languages spoken, a huge variety of food etc. The high mountains in the north covered with snow throughout the year. The melting of snow from Himalayas forming the source of rivers to Indus, Ganga, Yamuna. India being the world’s second largest populated country where people have different biological features in terms of colour, physical features etc. Also large group of people belong to different religions, castes, cultures and creed.

All the above, this give us a beautiful opportunity to connect with each other and putting forward a strong opinion of living together positively even with people having different cultures and habits. All these peculiarities make India different from others and always attracting the foreigners, even after the ups and downs that takes place. This is how I see India who loves her child even after many problems that arises and making its efforts to correct them without harming the dignity of its people.

Coming to the linguistic diversity, our constitution of India have recognised 22 languages as official languages. Where as Sanskrit, Kashmiri,Nepali,Sindhi are not official languages in any state of Indian union but all these languages are rich in literature. In the ancient period Sanskrit, in the medieval period Arabic and Persian and in modern times Hindi and English being the official languages.

India being one of the oldest civilisations, it is the amalgamation of various cultures that are influenced and shaped by the history which is thousand years rich. From ancient times our land is being the biggest source of attraction because of its architecture, literature, dance, music, food and festivals etc. This is because of the diversity in multi religions and castes that exist in India. Sharing and melding with each others’ values, enjoying and respecting every festival gives a feeling of being one even after many controversies and differences in opinions.

Describing about the beauty of diversity in India, I believe that globalization is also playing a positive role in the development of the cultural diversity, where people from different societies are trying to get along with each other and giving opportunity to learn about different cultures and people. It’s very important for us to learn and ย to live with peace and harmony. Therefore, to remove the negative impact on the World’s cultural diversity , UNSECO in 2001 made cultural diversity as legal to create peace and harmony.

Coming to the current scenario where terrorism, crime, inhumanity all over the world is increasing, I wish people could understand that living together with peace and love is better than the violence created in any form. I cannot find answer to the question ‘Where there is so much to enjoy, to learn, to love, to live and hence leaving no scope of hatred, then why humans are becoming more dangerous than the animals??

ย “Don’t waste your life wishing and waiting…. It robs you of experiencing the beauty of today”

We could only hope :

The intangible cultural heritage that’s transmitted from generation to generation is continuously recreated by the society and making efforts to pass on the culture with same love and peace in response to the environment and protecting respect for cultural diversity and human creativity.

Close your eyes and listen to the sound of birds, voice and affection of the loved ones. The festivals rejoiced together. The fragrance of flowers. The flavours of different cuisines. All will bring a beautiful smile on our face. A feeling of being together and sense of belonging which automatically makes us forget our background. It makes us realise that religion and nationality is ‘being good human’. We in the search of God, will stop searching him as it will make us understand that what we were looking for was actually a hoax. The creation of the surroundings is the beauty of God. An inspiration of being together. Enjoy it!!

Learn to respect people, because everyone is fighting a battle of ones own. We all have our problems, but there is so much more behind it. Behind me, behind you, behind everyone. Let’s just move on…

27 thoughts on “Diversity!!

  1. Over the last couple of months I’ve actually followed a lot of Indian bloggers. Have become increasingly interested in India and hope to travel to it eventually! Although might be later than sooner. Reminds of the travel post you made a little while ago. Nice posts!

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  2. Thanks for giving us a peek of India. I have come to realize that when you are alien to a culture, you tend to assume it is homogenous. Whereas, when you are indigenous to the culture, you realize it’s actually very diverse. Ultimately, diversity is the beauty that binds all of humanity together.

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  3. You are always spreading positivity about our motherland which I can’t find with many people around me. Your words are so inspiring , the way you ended this post is very essential for peaceful living. I even don’t know how to credit you for your beautiful work. Continue your good work, best wishes.

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