Think before you say that you are Unhappy!!

Remember the key of happiness that you yourself is responsible for you own happiness. If you expect others to make you happy, you will always be disappointed!!

Our happiness depends on the decisions we take along with comparing the life’s with others. When changes comes in life we all have to take few tough decisions we might not have taken before often fear acts as the barrier in acceptance of change and taking those tough decisions.

Being happy is very important and to be happy we need to find ways to live life in our own terms. Nothing stays for longer. Happiness is all in our mood, mind and the way we live. The reason for your unhappiness is your feelings, comparison with others and always showing discontent with what happens to you.

When we look around ourselves it depends upon your vision that whether to want to destroy your happiness by getting more eager to move ahead of people around you who are progressing or be content with people who are with moderate or poor living.

In life when ever you feel unhappy look at them:

Person fighting for his survival and we are living safe and sound at our homes

If you think your salary is low than what about her

She is struggling for every single penny

If you think you don’t have any friends than think about themย 

He had found heaven in his loneliness

When you feel like giving up think about this man

He is not crippled but our mind is!!

If you think you suffer in life than think do you suffer as much as he doesย 

He knows the importance of hard work

If you complain about your transport system , how about themย 

That’s the way how life is lived without cribbing

If your society is unfair to you, than how about her?

At this age too she self independent

Are you are still complaining?

Enjoy life as it is and how it comes to you. Things are lot worse for others and a lot better for us.

Someone got Nike for you instead of Adidas?

But poor have only one brand

For you studies may annoy you but those you can’t afford and have passion to do something in life ask them.

You have lot options in food that’s why when healthy food like vegetables offered, you don’t want to eat but what about those who starve from hunger. And often starvation leads them to pick food from undesirable places like dustbins.

Look around yourself, observe and be thankful in the transition of life for what you have. Don’t count about how many moments are there your life but think how much life is there in a moment.

There are many things in life that will attract your eyes but only few will catch your heart. Pursue those …..

So make a habit of complaining less or not at all and give more. And you will feel what true happiness is!!

In this course you will realise :

  • Happiness is not feeling good at all the times.
  • Happiness is not always being rich or affording what you want.
  • Happiness is not the final destination.

Because being happy is knowing your power to choose what to have and what to let go.


91 thoughts on “Think before you say that you are Unhappy!!

  1. Problem is the first line what you wrote “Our happiness depends on the decisions we take along with comparing the lifeโ€™s with others” .. ๐Ÿ˜ Moment we start comparing our life with others ..everything breaks down.. however rich and successful you are .. you are going to find someone more richer and crib about it…. so never compare..
    Nice writeup.. and very true..

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  2. Very true Tanvir! We whine and crib about trivial issues. But there are thousands who inspite of all the hardships embrace life with a smile. It’s time we express gratitude for our blessings and spread happiness and smiles๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. Very motivating in genre. The photograph you used give additional emphasis to your words. To motivate the people in this depressed world is an altruistic act. Keep up the good work. Thank you!

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  4. It’s sad that we as humans do tend to look at people much worse in order to appreciate what we have in the moment. A lot of that self loathing comes from comparing yourself to other people around you. We look a their situations and then compare.


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