Beliefs and perception


Perception is a belief or opinion often made from what people may think or how it may seem. There are things that we know and things that we are unaware of and in between are the doors of perception. Now its up to us how we want to perceive. Making an opinion on what you personally see or experience is always positive than what you belief through grapevine communication.

One of the common problem prevailing since history is the perception of thoughts between men and women. Both the gender claims not to understand each other, which can be due to culture differences but most importantly physical and psychological differences. Since the men and women see things differently on various issues so that’s one of the reason of frustration that arises between them.

The purpose of this post is not to decide who is superior than whom nor about equality. The purpose is to know why there is existence of disparities in  thoughts and the clash of ego comes. Where ultimately we know it’s going hamper only individuals growth and the unnecessary differences between both. I suppose that we see.

We are suppressed with double standards of thoughts between male and female. Being human all have right to be treated equally!! Here are few double standard points where women have expressed their thoughts.

  • Dress Code :

Often they are debates about the outfits of women. often we see and read about the arguments and suggestions on what women should wear but for men the rules are just on sticky notes. As long as men is covering his naughty bites, his wardrobe is acceptable but for women many perceptions are raised.  If she wears revealing clothes than she is considered easy, if she is dressed modestly than she is considered prude. In any way she is made sandwich in so-called preceptions of the society. Have ever anyone thought how difficult the society have her life in these unrequired thoughts. Problems are raised more before she have raised her voice and asked a logical question ,‘Why she is always a target’ ? 

I being woman can only say for herself  that I am not carrying a label to justify my outfits. If you have a problem than please educate yourself and come out as a true Gentlemen.

  • Behaviour Justification:

Being Men or Women one thing is common, mood swing problem but a women face more of such problems because of the hormonal changes that take place at every stage of her life.  If boys behave rudely which at times is not required but due to mood problems which parents understand but how easily they are escaped by saying ‘boys will boys’ hence pumping their behaviour when actually it will not stand in the explanation bracket. But women get away with nasty comments in such situations. Why?

Why change in her behaviour is not understood and she’s is often criticised, hence leading to may health issues.

  • Household Duties:

Logically, if we look over the household work,  it’s the duty of partners together to look over the household work and earning portion  to make balance and reduce the pressure of work but still maximum number of times a woman is expected to do entire household work on her own. Men at times do get rest after 8 hours job but a women’s work is never-ending. From early morning sending husband and children to office and school respectively to cleaning of house and washing clothes and cooking food. I suppose the work needs to be divided. If she is doing laundry then husband put children to bed etc. This will help in giving free time to do something together.

In perceptions people see what they want to see and what people want to see never has anything to do with the true!!

It’s not only about the gender bias but in every thought the people perceive according to their comfort zone. Therefore I have stopped explaining myself or to others because I have realised people will understand only from their point of view. 

In the course of life and what experience I have gained have learned few things and few I was very clear from mind that:

  • Do not judge the people in advance before knowing them properly yourself but not on the grounds what people say.
  • It’s not necessary if few group of people have certain kind of negative behaviour than the entire community is wrong.
  • Don’t make your decisions on half listen story.
  • If you don’t know me that you have no right to give your opinion because all have their own experiences based on their circumstances.
  • I am responsible for what I say but I am not responsible for what you understand.

How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves. 

In life to be happy one must not involve or show interest in the life of the neighborhood because if others start showing interest in your story than you will have more problems with bigger reactions.

It’s up you whether you can complain roses have thorns or rejoice that thorns have roses.

51 thoughts on “Perception!!

  1. I agree with you, it’s all about a person’s perception.
    And men and people in general really need to understand that women and men are different but that does not justify the reason of treating them unequally.
    We do need to improve our perception here.

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  2. interesting post…. & you beautifully said that if others start showing interest in your story than you will have more problems so that you should not involve or show interest in the life of the neighborhood.

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  3. Very good post. There definitely are a lot of double standards. The dress code point you made at “if she dresses to revealing shes a slut, if she dresses to modestly she’s a prude” was very well said. Also think the one where if a guy sleeps with a bunch of girl he’s awesome or applauded by his friends and if a girl sleeps with a bunch of guys she’s a whore to her friends. Definitely something both sexes need to be aware of.

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  4. I dislike that “boys will be boys” phrase. It’s an easy way out for males, in my opinion, to say that. Why aren’t they help responsible if they do something despite the female saying no? Thanks for bringing up many thoughtful points in your post.

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      1. Thats true, but what I have seen is…its always male dominated system. Unfortunately, this is right from the begining. We have to accept that no one is superior .. everyone has a purpose in the world. Comparison never works!

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  5. Wow !! It’s great and wonderful. I actually read it full with interest as I knew this will be a great article as each line says it…
    You have used beautiful language which made the article more beautiful.
    Yeah…today’s reality is sad…
    Waiting for your next awesome creation.

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  6. Our perceptions in society are shaped by the past performances or experiences of those that came before us. We set up society to base our perceptions. So when anything presents itself that is outside that norm we criticize. This is why women are taught to behave certain ways. It’s based off of the foundation of the past. Humans are given a conscious to make the right decisions; or our perception of what is right. So a long time ago, it was written that women should be a certain way. So feminism, is at least 100 years old; yet still fairly new to a human civilization.


    1. I suppose I don’t agree on what you said on the performance of Women with certain set of norms. I believe no gender is superior !! As god made the universe the gender creation was to make life balance but not to see the other person with differ manner!! As all are tend to fill the gaps and move life smoothly!! What is wrong for one is wrong for others too !!


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