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I may be away, but my heart is always there. A place that gave me an identity of who I am. Land who is dearer to my soul, Gives me goosebumps when I remember how it got freedom. Now often I lose my peace and calm, When I see how politics have manipulated the thoughts… Continue reading Homeland

Politics, love for nation

Unanswered questions!!

P.S : All incidents are based on facts read in book I Accuse by Jarnail Singh ( journalist by Profession and from the internet). Shared my feeling on lost humanity, without discriminating anyone and trying to find the meaning of justice. While reading a book I Accuse... which is based on true events, have few… Continue reading Unanswered questions!!

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 Does-Love needs to be proven?? 

I want to know who I am From where I am I wish someone helps me to find the right path. Colour of my blood is same as of yours Than why there is differentiation of love between you and me? Why there is  hatred among people? Why people are becoming enemies of there own… Continue reading  Does-Love needs to be proven?? 

Politics, love for nation

Politics – Elections 2019

2019 is a big year for the nation!! Where the political parties are in action to prove their capabilities for the country and a time when common people gains the importance. Voting plays a very important role in a democratic country because by casting your vote you are giving an opporunity to the party to… Continue reading Politics – Elections 2019

Politics, love for nation

How to deal with politics at work place…..

The governance of activities and making efforts to improve in an organisation in a diplomatic manner can be termed as politics. But from decades the meaning of politics have been changed by people. Rather than creating a healthy environment people have started taking the term politics as a dirty tool to put forward their thoughts.… Continue reading How to deal with politics at work place…..

Politics, love for nation

Line of control for media!!

Media a very powerful tool and a sword arm for a democratic country. Media acts as  a watchdog which provides the information to the public and works for the welfare of the country. They are full responsible for their act since they provide information on national basis and any error can lead to severe consequences.… Continue reading Line of control for media!!

Politics, love for nation

Beauty of Indian Culture from my eyes!!

Indian culture and traditions are known all over the world. The beauty of India being diverse and unique. In this beauty going to introduce to you to few culture and traditions which the outsiders often find fascinating!! Many traditions have been introduced in Ancient India and are been followed since then. Having its own significance… Continue reading Beauty of Indian Culture from my eyes!!

Politics, love for nation

Patriotism-ask yourself what you can do!

Recently in past few months Voice had been raised on release of the movies in which neighbouring country actors were casted, especially after the recent URI attack. The  incident have made the relationship between two countries even worse. Looking back, even after having numerous dialogues and war with Neighboring country, have we ever been able… Continue reading Patriotism-ask yourself what you can do!