Politics, love for nation


"The privilege of lifetime is being able to be who you are" India is known as a land of diversity. The physical features, various cultures, different languages spoken, a huge variety of food etc. The high mountains in the north covered with snow throughout the year. The melting of snow from Himalayas forming the source… Continue reading Diversity!!

Politics, love for nation

Beauty of Indian Culture from my eyes!!

Indian culture and traditions are known all over the world. The beauty of India being diverse and unique. In this beauty going to introduce to you to few culture and traditions which the outsiders often find fascinating!! Many traditions have been introduced in Ancient India and are been followed since then. Having its own significance… Continue reading Beauty of Indian Culture from my eyes!!

Politics, love for nation

Patriotism-ask yourself what you can do!

Recently in past few months Voice had been raised on release of the movies in which neibouring country actors were casted, especially after the recent URI attack. The ¬†incident have made the relationship between two countries even worse. Looking back, even after having numerous dialogues and war with Neighboring country, have we ever been able… Continue reading Patriotism-ask yourself what you can do!