‘Is Elitism a curse?’

I suppose Elitism is not a bad word. It depends how you portray yourself.

Elitism + power + ego = dangerous combination.

When you don’t trust your people with whom you have to work and get together in common than Elitism becomes a problem.

Elitism is dangerous when you think the power should be transferred to legacy.

Hence, leading to crisis. As elitism doesn’t let you recognize self-failure or your own incompetence.

For survival in life, those people grow high in life who have learnt lessons in life from common people and are attached to roots unlike elitist people who never have to struggle for survival.

P.S : Do share your thoughts and highlight the points.

37 thoughts on “Elitism

  1. Sadly, even outside of politics, race, and gender, humanity, in general, tends to become an elite in their own groups. To think we are above any other human regardless of beliefs, values, looks, etc…is harmful. You form this opinion, collectively in your “group” or alone, that values only YOU above what’s best for people. Democracy-speaking it creates such a tone-deaf environment to the true needs, compassion, and care for other humans. It’s sad.

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  2. Elitism. We think we are superior to all animals. I know horses well and I know they can read us like books. They are precise observers and that is how they have survived the millennia. They can spot a fake person easily and will distrust them. They form bonds with humans they learn to trust. Bear in mind a horse could easily kill us with one swift kick. But they do not. They try to work with us. And yet we continue to say they are stupid and ignorant. Elitism!

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  3. Elitism is undemocratic , inhuman , irrational feelings of a hollow man . Incommunicative people , generally , use it as a tool to impress others . But such impressions is alienative as such . One should always desist from such impressions because all persons equally elite like you .

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  4. Elites separate themselves from ordinary people to feel superior, this feeds their egos and what drives them to exploit and manipulate those who struggle. It’s what also drives their need for greed and power but ultimately they suffer the same depressions and anxieties as others because money, power and materialism alone is not enough. 🙏Faux


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