I never thought that was possible- story challenge

One paper of  Company Secretary was left and I knew how terrible headache  that single paper was giving me. In the mean time I was preparing for my exam I gave a casual interview as a social studies teacher. Not knowing what life had to give me, in mid of 2012 I joined a school… Continue reading I never thought that was possible- story challenge

Challenge · Love,relationships


Mother is the most wonderful and beautiful relationship in the world. For me she is the most humble, strong and a caring person. I wonder from where she gathers the strength to face all the adversities of life. Thank you for being  my cushion during the time of troubles. I wonder what I would do… Continue reading Wonder


White Elephant Challenge

I thank Rory for nominating me for this unique challenge and I personally found this challenge very Interesting. Teresa of Haunted Wordsmith created a beautiful gem for us. The purpose of the game is to gift the fellow bloggers with a beautiful gift. Participation not being obliged, but if you wish to participate pick three bloggers and give them… Continue reading White Elephant Challenge

Challenge · quotes

Quote challenge: Knowledge 

Quotes always fascinate me a lot as it says everything in few words. With the end of the year would like to thank Rory once again for giving me the opportunity to take up this challenge!! Quotes always add meaning to what one wants to say. The Topic for the Challenge is : Knowledge ''For beautiful eyes,… Continue reading Quote challenge: Knowledge 


Game on – series 2 – Fashionista

Game 2- created by A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! I would love to say Rory is very innovative and love the idea of games he come up with. Specially efforts made by him to bring bloggers together and know each other well. This twice weekly game will  be of 21 questions or in truth 16 flexi… Continue reading Game on – series 2 – Fashionista


3.2.1 Quote Challenge-Expression

It's always great in participating in quote challenge. Thank you Rory for giving me the opportunity to participate in the last step of challenge as he is taking break until August.  Rory being the wonderful person and blogger to know.  His ideas have helped to know many new bloggers and have created the active participation… Continue reading 3.2.1 Quote Challenge-Expression