Social manners-for Children

While nurturing a child it's important to pay attention on manners at a very young age as they are tend to mould easily in which ever shape you wish to mould them. As nowadays often see children being quite rude at young age, either their errors are ignored or importance of manners are not given… Continue reading Social manners-for Children


Parents- Treasure of Life!!!

Once there was an old man whose name was Jerry, whose only son was living in a city miles away from their village. One day Jerry decided to go to the city and visit his son, so he went to the place from where he used to receive the letters from his son. The father… Continue reading Parents- Treasure of Life!!!


 Education or business 🤔🤔

Watched Hindi Medium beautiful movie!! Undoubtedly Irfan Khan gives every reason for appreciation as superb actor. Any how the movie gave us a beautiful message and reason for me to ask a question  that was running in my mind from a long time and express few things!! Education means to give education or it have… Continue reading  Education or business 🤔🤔