Midst of thoughts

Sometimes you feel connected with an unknown person. Being precious to eyes. Beautiful nights of stars shared. Eyes filled with emotions, as I don't want the dream to come to an end. Glad to have someone who was far away from the reality. You were enjoying life-like a kid. Eyes filled with brightness, when I… Continue reading Midst of thoughts

Memories sweet and sour


We all love the welcoming doors. Wide arms opened with a smile. I remember my beautiful memories with library. Huge wooden cupboards with glass doors. Where every shelf was magnificently decorated with books. Every week when we had library period, Had an excitement of issuing new book in exchange of the previous one. Where the… Continue reading Library

Memories sweet and sour

Last day in Gmünd und Gmünder Fasching fest 😘😘

It's been almost 2 years in Deutschland 🇩🇪 and my first homecoming but seems like it was yesterday when I had come to Gmünd. A beautiful start with new living of life but  28th Feb 2017 being my last day in town made me recall all the memories had here and at last enjoyed the… Continue reading Last day in Gmünd und Gmünder Fasching fest 😘😘