Seven Days B & W Photos- Day 5

I was challenged by Beyond words for a challenge of a " Seven Days black and white photos of your life". Here I come once again sharing one of my favourite picture with the readers. No people. No explanation  Just nominate new people everyday  Today I nominate Blooming souls. I love the way she portrays the… Continue reading Seven Days B & W Photos- Day 5



"Each Realtionship represents a world to us, a world possibly not known until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting a new world is born." Relationship is a very simple word but difficult to understand at times. Very correctly said, difficult to maintain and sustain a relationship till end but takes no time… Continue reading Relationships!!

Memories sweet and sour

Last day in Gmünd und Gmünder Fasching fest 😘😘

It's been almost 2 years in Deutschland 🇩🇪 and my first homecoming but seems like it was yesterday when I had come to Gmünd. A beautiful start with new living of life but  28th Feb 2017 being my last day in town made me recall all the memories had here and at last enjoyed the… Continue reading Last day in Gmünd und Gmünder Fasching fest 😘😘


The Gift of Magi😊

Beautiful short story written by O'Henry  The story is about beautiful  young couple known as Jim and Della. The couple have a very little money and lives in a modest apartment. Between them they have two possessions which they take a pride : Della's beautiful long, flowing hair, almost touching her knees and Jim's shinning gold… Continue reading The Gift of Magi😊