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Unanswered questions!!

P.S : All incidents are based on facts read in book I Accuse by Jarnail Singh ( journalist by Profession and from the internet). Shared my feeling on lost humanity, without discriminating anyone and trying to find the meaning of justice. While reading a book I Accuse... which is based on true events, have few… Continue reading Unanswered questions!!

Politics, love for nation


Can Justice be delayed? For those who doesn’t have enough resources. And unfortunately the sufferer is an innocent person lacking power and money. One day the pillars of constitution (legislative, executive, Judiciary and press) talked about, who makes the best strong hold among the citizens of the country. The result was, they were all sold… Continue reading Justice 

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 Does-Love needs to be proven?? 

I want to know who I am From where I am I wish someone helps me to find the right path. Colour of my blood is same as of yours Than why there is differentiation of love between you and me? Why there is  hatred among people? Why people are becoming enemies of there own… Continue reading  Does-Love needs to be proven??