Let bygones be bygones

Life is like any empty book Where each day we write our own destiny, Only book whose pages cannot be turned back. So forget what happened in past As each day is a new day. Rather than being the prisoner of your past, Be the artist of your life, And fill your life with beautiful… Continue reading Let bygones be bygones


A watched pot never boils..

When you have to wait for something, Time seems to move endlessly slow. Like a turtle who walks with his speed to end the race. People say time flies. Is that true?? No, time moves with its own speed. But it seems to take a longer time, Specially, when you are waiting for bad times… Continue reading A watched pot never boils..

Beliefs and perception

People may take your goodness for granted.

Often people feel that their goodness is taken for granted by their relatives, friends, or by their loved ones. Have you ever realised what are the repercussions of this. Even when you know and still allow any one to take advantage of your goodness is not something to be proud of. That's my belief. It… Continue reading People may take your goodness for granted.