To be yourself in the world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the biggest accomplishment in one’s life. Often there are days when you sit back and question your abilities and self-worth, liberate your fear and think what you have accomplished in life till date. Thought towards self, needs to be… Continue reading Accomplishment

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Envy- FOWC word challenge

Life is too short to envy. It only creates a room of emptiness inside you. Look beyond the boundaries of envy. You will see how beautiful world is. Filled with treasures of love and brightness. Helping to recognise your true qualities which was once covered under the bad seed. You heart will blossom and will… Continue reading Envy- FOWC word challenge

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3 2 1 Quote Me – The Beauty of Great Music

Another challenge given by Rory on beautiful topic. Where we a losing ourselves in busy lives and here the music helps to revive us back to regain our energy. Thank you Rory for nominating me. The Beauty of Great Music : ''One good thing about music,when it hits you, you feel no pain.'' - Bob… Continue reading 3 2 1 Quote Me – The Beauty of Great Music


How phones are ruining relationships/society..

One doesn’t need anyone around, when you have a smart phone. Where relationships are maintained with texts, arguments are solved on phone, feelings are depicted through status update, when social sites are swiped just to kill time. Think how difficult it’s becoming to maintain healthy relationships. Sitting together on the dinning table, where you will not… Continue reading How phones are ruining relationships/society..


I never thought that was possible- story challenge

One paper of  Company Secretary was left and I knew how terrible headache  that single paper was giving me. In the mean time I was preparing for my exam I gave a casual interview as a social studies teacher. Not knowing what life had to give me, in mid of 2012 I joined a school… Continue reading I never thought that was possible- story challenge

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 Does-Love needs to be proven?? 

I want to know who I am From where I am I wish someone helps me to find the right path. Colour of my blood is same as of yours Than why there is differentiation of love between you and me? Why there is  hatred among people? Why people are becoming enemies of there own… Continue reading  Does-Love needs to be proven?? 

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The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Rory for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. This award was surely to be attempted by me because it's always a privilege when you are appreciated for your work and also my apologies for not completing previous challenges given by Rory. About the award : Any awards given to the bloggers is… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award