Beliefs and perception

Human being and being human🤔🤔

Life is a long journey between human being and being human. Everyday a step is needed to be taken to fill the gap. Two same words "HUMAN BEING" and "BEING HUMAN " 😊just tchange the order of words and the meaning completely changes with deep explanation for the one's who wants to understand! Many children… Continue reading Human being and being human🤔🤔

Awards, confessions

The Versatile Blogger Award 1,2 and 3

It's been two months since I have started blogging and I am very glad that the readers are enjoying and giving me positive response!!! This have made me more happy because in past one week have received 3 awards for Versatile Blogger!! I would like to thank Shraddha, Shayra and Pooja for nominating me for this award!! I am glad… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award 1,2 and 3