I for Ink

I miss the days of writing letters. Those blank pages, filled with the feelings of ink. Than waiting for the postman if he had got our reply. Sitting by the ocean bank and recalling childhood memories. At that time hated the homework /class work given by teachers. But now miss filling the note-book with ink.… Continue reading I for Ink

Daily challenge


Earth provides us everything to fulfil our needs but we are destroying it with our hatred and wrong intentions. With this note I want to give condolences to the people of Sri Lanka. Where the world was enjoying the Easter holidays, Sri Lanka on the eve of Easter Sunday faced deadly bomb blasts in three… Continue reading Earth


H for Habits – A to Z challenge.

Make smile your habit. A best habit which allows you to find emotional, mental and spiritual peace. Smile makes your surroundings beautiful. A habit which acts as a magnet and never leaves you alone. A habit that will keep you healthy. Smile helps not only to lift your mood but also helps to elevate the… Continue reading H for Habits – A to Z challenge.


G for Generation Gap – A to Z challenge 

Once upon time I taught you how to walk. Played and walked with you with the changing time. But today when I need you as my friend. You are teaching me how to live life. Listening to your preachings of how I should adjust with the changing environment. As I am old and outdated. Generation… Continue reading G for Generation Gap – A to Z challenge 

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3 2 1 Quote Me – The Beauty of Great Music

Another challenge given by Rory on beautiful topic. Where we a losing ourselves in busy lives and here the music helps to revive us back to regain our energy. Thank you Rory for nominating me. The Beauty of Great Music : ''One good thing about music,when it hits you, you feel no pain.'' - Bob… Continue reading 3 2 1 Quote Me – The Beauty of Great Music