Help with solution

Please can anyone guide me what’s the solution to the spam sites liking your comments and dropping message!! Earlier many such sites were only in spam which have blocked them but now they are normally liking the comments!! This is very annoying and don’t know what should be done to avoid such appropriate sites.. Those… Continue reading Help with solution


Parents- Treasure of Life!!!

Once there was an old man whose name was Jerry, whose only son was living in a city miles away from their village. One day Jerry decided to go to the city and visit his son, so he went to the place from where he used to receive the letters from his son. The father… Continue reading Parents- Treasure of Life!!!


Famous Quotes by: Martin Luther

Self awakening quote by Martin Luther: Injustice anywhere is the threat to justice everywhere. Every nation which ever form of government they have plays a very important role in the development of a country!! As being the head of country the people bestow all their trust to the government because they believe the government will… Continue reading Famous Quotes by: Martin Luther

Awards, confessions

Mystery Blogger Award

Thank you K@countingpenniesandsheep for nominating me. A beautiful blog, one will surely enjoy the journey while visiting my blogger friend blog. After a long time have bagged an award and I  also ask for apologies from my blogger friends for those nomination I haven't able to respond. I suppose an award gives an encouragement and happiness on… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award

Beliefs and perception

Don’t judge anyone by the opinion of others!!

Often people judge or form opinions about others even before they have met a person based on what they hear. As in my earlier post Rumor or Gossip!!! had mentioned how gossip or rumor can even spoil the closest relationship, so one should never judge anyone without knowing someone personally. Learn to respect every person who crosses… Continue reading Don’t judge anyone by the opinion of others!!