What’s being Independent!!

Is being independent only constrained to Financial Independence or it is far beyond that false perception. Independent means first taking the responsibility of self. From being child to adult as we grow we must learn how to take care of our own needs. Take responsibilty of our own decisions. The parents must equally help their… Continue reading What’s being Independent!!


Express Yourself!!

To express yourself is an art. It helps us to connect with the World 🌎 around us, making a place in the society and showing who really you are as an individual and as a team. Expressing yourself can be in any form, such as painting, writing, participation in discussions or any other of creative… Continue reading Express Yourself!!

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Self Care 🤗🤗

Does self-care means selfish!!!  'Selfish' is when you consistently think about your requirements whereas 'Self care' is to honour your inner wants which requires to fulfill your potential wants with some purpose and gives the experience of joy!!! With the changing time I suppose one thought that equally needs to be changed is about considering… Continue reading Self Care 🤗🤗


 Education or business 🤔🤔

Watched Hindi Medium beautiful movie!! Undoubtedly Irfan Khan gives every reason for appreciation as superb actor. Any how the movie gave us a beautiful message and reason for me to ask a question  that was running in my mind from a long time and express few things!! Education means to give education or it have… Continue reading  Education or business 🤔🤔