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As I witnessed the beautiful morning from my room window in beach. Where sun was moving towards the peak. Waves were touching the shores and playing with the sand. How could I control my love for the nature. Walked towards the beach and waited for the waves to surround my feet. As the waves came… Continue reading Beach



Life after death!! We all know soul is eternal. It's the body which is mortal and after death the body gets decomposed and soul travels into the new world. The question is where does soul go? Is there life after death? What happens in between  the time of transition i.e time after death and new… Continue reading Reincarnation!


Don’t be sorry for…………

In my previous post Saying an Apology!!! I had discussed about the importance of apology in life!! No doubt saying sorry helps in building the blocks of emotional feelings and improving interpersonal relationships. Apology is a way of acknowledging the other person who is hurt regardless who so ever is at fault!! But sometimes there are… Continue reading Don’t be sorry for…………