Change your vision

We often crumble at times because of the situations we are going through. Tangled up in work mess, going through bad face in relationships, where you feel the whole world is against, even when you are not wrong, and you feel helpless as no one is trying to understand you. When we are in such… Continue reading Change your vision

Memories sweet and sour


We all love the welcoming doors. Wide arms opened with a smile. I remember my beautiful memories with library. Huge wooden cupboards with glass doors. Where every shelf was magnificently decorated with books. Every week when we had library period, Had an excitement of issuing new book in exchange of the previous one. Where the… Continue reading Library

Beliefs and perception


Expectations often rob you from your happiness. Human nature is difficult to change. One may not tend to stop expecting things from others but definitely can learn to manage expectations. While managing expectations we have to understand one thing, our individual behaviour shouldn’t be changed because of the others specially when you are spreading positivity.… Continue reading Expectations!!


H for Habits – A to Z challenge.

Make smile your habit. A best habit which allows you to find emotional, mental and spiritual peace. Smile makes your surroundings beautiful. A habit which acts as a magnet and never leaves you alone. A habit that will keep you healthy. Smile helps not only to lift your mood but also helps to elevate the… Continue reading H for Habits – A to Z challenge.


G for Generation Gap – A to Z challenge 

Once upon time I taught you how to walk. Played and walked with you with the changing time. But today when I need you as my friend. You are teaching me how to live life. Listening to your preachings of how I should adjust with the changing environment. As I am old and outdated. Generation… Continue reading G for Generation Gap – A to Z challenge