Beliefs and perception

Faith in God

What does believing in God means?

To worship and believing in symbolic idols or believing the existence of God found in everything around you – In the flow of river, in the rustle of trees, whispering of winds etc.

God speaks to us all the time, it’s just we have to listen to him.

It’s sad to see now a days people have categorised the God into “Your God” and My “God”.

The fact is there is No “Your God” and My “God”. All Godliness comes from same source. It’s just the manifestation that are different.

Though it’s true that holy places are pure place to pray and not to seek beauty but it’s sad to see how the meaning of Belief in God is been twisted for satisfying ones urge to depict superior from others.

How will you justify your FAITH IN GOD? Please share your thoughts in comment section.

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