The Grass is Green on the Other Side.

We all live a life peering into the life’s of other people through our window, thinking their lives are much happier than ours.

Scrolling down different accounts in social media. Watching happy faces, people visiting different places, many giving couple goals etc. Wishing your life could be wonderful like there’s.

Such thoughts often comes when you are going through a rough patch in your life.

In short, while peeping outside your window you spend most of your time wondering what life would be like “if” …. instead of living your life at the fullest.

Life looks good from the other side unless you step into their ground. Entering their side, you realise your life have more potential and better means of living. Once you taste the other side’s lifestyle, you realise even in ups and downs you are more satisfied in your own boundary.

Remember glitz and glamour isn’t going to bring peace into your life. Stepping into the life of other people you often lose peace of mind and sense of belonging. Hence, giving rise to discontent in life.

If you truly want to be happy, stop focusing your life on what others are doing and what they have that you don’t have. This will not improve your happiness. Swapping life is not a solution to your happiness rather be happy for others. Admire the happiness of the people you love and respect. Stop living the life through binoculars rather make efforts for inner peace.

For me the Grass is not Greener on the Other Side, it’s greener where water is.

Once you stop making false narratives and perceptions about the lives of others and start watering your own garden, you will find your garden more beautiful and green.




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