Children often misunderstand their parents.

When you are alone and busy looking at your phone and smiling. Your mother asking,“What are you smiling at ?

This simple question puts you uncomfortable because you feel your space and privacy is hampered by your mother.

But in simple terms she is not being nosy or invading your space. She just wants to be the part of your life because you hardly talk and spend real time with her.

Often children gets offended when father says, “I earn for all of you, spend carefully.” But the fact is, he is not stopping you from spending but simply wants you to be vigilant while spending money.

Yes, there is a generation gab. But don’t forget they are getting old. With time things will reverse and one day you will be in the same situation where your parents are standing today.

Don’t forget to understand- Just like you feel misunderstood they too get misunderstood and lonely.

Take some time off from your phone, just talk to your parents about anything, hear them and clean the road that is covered with wrong perceptions.

Relationship with parents is not just about fulfilling demands but it’s much more then that. Understand the intention and love between the said and unsaid words.

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15 thoughts on “Misunderstand

  1. Beautiful write,Tanvir. Now a grandma, I love to have my grandchildren around and also my four sons and two daughters in law. They don’t live with me but, I cherish the love without attachments that binds us together. Thank you for giving me the chance to pour out my heart ❤️ Much love 💗 Happy Holidays 🥰

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