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Avoid 3C’s in life!!

Peace of mind is all we crave for. But it cannot be achieved unless we put in some efforts. Mind needs to be balance and maintain equilibrium between




Often compare is used as a tool to encourage others to do better in life. Forgetting that constant comparison leads to a message that “ you are not better”. So comparison can also be understood as criticism. When you criticise – you question the self esteem of a person.

Like when parents compare their child with their own siblings or with other children it tends to lower the moral of a child and in a way criticising the worth and capabilities of of their own children.

Remember comparison and criticism can never be healthy.

Another devil in our life is complain. We all have achieved something in life but under different circumstances. So how far it is correct to complain and compare your life with others.

How can COMPARE, COMPLAIN & CRITICISE can help one to become better at what they are trying to achieve – when one is already being told that they are at fault. Then how can one measure up and do better. From very beginning as a child when their thoughts are papped with negative thoughts – it is surely going to harm than good in life.

Comparison, complain, criticise doesn’t help but positive reinforcement does. Motivation and encouragement does. Love and understanding does. It’s well said, what we say to our young ones, it remains within them as inner voice throughout life. So it’s very important to choose words and speak with loved ones.

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