Darkness of Prostitution

She didn’t opted for this profession.

At times backstabbed by it’s own people,

Just for few pennies tricked her and sold into the darkness of sex worker.

So called reputed men go for their pleasure.

Punch them, treat them worse as if they are your objects.

She is not respected. Her existence is been questioned.

But have anyone questioned men who go there. Betraying their family.

She too needs the respect like others in the society. It wasn’t her choice.

At the end it’s a place for so called dignified men.

The day you respect a women beyond the need for satisfying your hunger,

Than such places will either come to an end or at least the women in such places might get the deserving respect.

It’s not women to be pointed out but those who go there, as the place exists only because of the people who go there.

16 thoughts on “Darkness of Prostitution

    1. I too watched it. That inspired me to pen a little . But the fact is the pain and feelings are so deep rooted to understand, that it’s no seen or heard.


  1. Tanvir this is a male dominated world. It will continue till it exists. The flesh trade is oldest of all businesses.
    I will tell you one bare truth, because they are there it goes on, otherwise there shall be more rapes in this world. Man is a wicked animal.
    I am yet to see Gangubai, shall go after my daughter finishes her exams.
    Good Post

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    1. But sir with time we need to understand and change things. Yes agree with what you said, but continuing things which are going from generations is not correct. Rules, opinions and perception are made by people , which can also be amended with time and needs. It will take time but men too have to change there perception. It will not close that’s one thing but disrespecting them and giving them no place in the society is not agreeable.
      Thank you for the thoughtful note sir and yes do watch movie it’s worth watching..
      can also watch in Netflix. ☺️


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