Is sacrifice the part of life?

I don’t think so. It’s something that comes from within for the people whom you love. Sacrifice is something which you should not regret as it was your choice to do.

Sacrifice is something about good and making things better. It’s finding yourself from within but don’t mistake it with compromise.

There’s a thin line between compromise and sacrifice.

Sacrifice is done to strengthen the relationships you care about whereas compromise is done to resolve issues even if it’s against your will.

But in the process of sacrifice make sure you don’t put your family, dignity and heart at stake. If they are sacrificed than there’s nothing left to be fought for. Remember it’s not difficult to sacrifice but difficult to find for whom you wish to sacrifice.

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13 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. Everyday we sacrifice something for someone without really noticing it, a natural reaction. Yes there is a thin line between compromise and sacrifice. The former allows individuals to settle on something that is just shy of the best outcome. The latter is one individual giving the other the very best of that decision, or the outcome. People often tie sacrifice with something negative, but there is a natural pleasure one can achieve from letting go of something in the interest of the one they love, adore, respect…based on whatever relationship you have.

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  2. I’m having a hard time with the word because technically, the word sacrifice, means to give up something but generally, it isn’t willingly or beneficially for those you love. It’s more appeasement, and that is obviously not what you’re getting at with your statement; it’s more gifting them because you care, even if it means you have to give something up. Then obviously, what you are giving up doesn’t mean as much to you as them. So in reality, it’s not a sacrifice. Am I making sense?


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