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Right to Truth

On 2nd October we celebrate not only Gandhi’s birthday but also of our 2nd Prime Minister Lal Bhadhur Shastri. It’s sad to see that he is not remembered the way he should be. On this day I dedicate the post “Right to Truth” to our Hon. late prime minister Lal Bhadhur Shastri.

He was among those rare politicians who had the quality of will power, love, sacrifice and devotion for his country. Honesty, integrity, humility and patience are these few traits he had which is difficult to find in any politician of any era. Look any images of Shastri ji you will find his face young. His eyes had no conflict, no ego and no stress. An appealing personality to whom you can confess anything and gave assurance that he would sacrifice his own interest to safeguard the interest of his people.

Wrinkles on his face depict hard work and struggle. He believed in tyaag and taapasya – meaning to sacrifice. He was the one who appealed for voluntary Fast, when our country was going through food crisis. The purpose of tyaag (sacrifice) being a political weapon to address people on the importance of sowing seeds of the green revolution. Fast being the part of our culture, Shastri used it to make a point about the food crisis. Apart from Shastri no active politician at that time learnt the importance of sacrifice from Mahatma Gandhi. Shastri ji believed that no country can transform unless sacrifices are made. Small sacrifices added to high quality of transformation.

He might have been mocked for sacrifice. Those disagree with his idea of sacrifice, are among those people who can’t even sacrifice there one meal to the needy people and have lack of commitment to the national cause.

Entrusting our destiny in the hands of leaders, one must be prepared for change. If the path requires sacrifice, then be ready for sacrifice. But don’t misinterpret the work and mold the thought with your convenience.

Molding of thoughts and work in the name of politics is often seen, hence leads to compromised work and misleading of actual path.

Lal Bahadur Shastri was known as “The man of peace.” He was a visionary person who believed in working together with his people.

This quality only comes when you know your soil. You are grounded and well rooted with your land and are often discriminated by the privileged people. Shastri ji was an individual who could never compromise with the interest of the country.

Shastri ji was one of those great Indians who have left a remarkable impression on the people. His thoughts and work were unique because he connected himself to the proximity of the common mass. Lal Bhadur Shastri was looked upon by Indians as one of their own, who was directly connected with people and shared the ideals and aspiration. Country beholds Shastri ji was using admirable skills in defense forces and won back their self-respect in 1965. He was the pride for Indian army and for the citizens of India

Shastri ji death in 1966 have always remained a mystery. No information was released by the government neither an appropriate investigation was made. It’s impossible to beat a person who doesn’t fear losing his power. That was the strength of Shastri ji and threat to the system.

Shastri ji was a secularist who refused to mix religion with politics and wish our dream come true and see rising politician like Shastri ji. Hence changing the meaning of the political system.

P.S : Internet and related books are the source of medium of information.

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32 thoughts on “Right to Truth

      1. He served the tenure for 19 months. He died in Tashkent Uzbekistan ( Then Soviet Union). Rare to see a politician like him who was determined for people. He had no fear of losing his post and I suppose that was the reason many envyed him. It’s heart breaking when his death for not investigated.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, my dear friend Tanvir 🙂
    Hate cannot be fought by hate and violence not by violence – this rather will increase hate and violence. We people should learn this lesson then peace will come over our planet.
    Hugs and love, my friend 🙂


    1. Absolutely true. I am reading book who killed Shastri and it is helping me to overlook so many issues which we are facing since independence. To see truth it’s important to look back from where it started and analysis things accordingly.


  2. Good one Tanvir! Sometime people are overshadowed by other personality and I think in this case state had a much role to play. Of course Gandhi ji was a towering personality however, Shastri ji was epitope of humility and conviction.

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    1. I agree. I suppose the system was weak within from beginning and blaming our first prime minister is not wrong and when person like Shastri ji came was the treat to so called politician who within themselves had a great for power.

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  3. Former prime minister Lal Bahadur Shatri ji not a leader only but he was political of Indian politics. ” जय जवान जय किसान ” नारा उनका मूल मन्त्र है ।

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  4. It was a clear murder, my dadaji said me that he was a very actionable man.

    His dedication towards the nation could have flurished India to all heights but that was the era of communism and spy. My dadaji also said that China was too responsible then because communism is threat in democratic world, but India too was busy with internal matters (all those matters are well funded by China someway) that time to say that.

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  5. A wonderful tribute to our unsung hero Shasttriji. He was the rare gem whose glitter remained unnoticed due to his untimely and mystery-shrouded death. God might have punished the culprit if there was any, in his own way.
    My heartfelt homage and respect to him.

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